Space is the Place: Liquid Identities, Kreis, Laura Polence solo

Thursday, February 7, 20:30, €9 / students €6 / We Are Public free


“Liquid Identities” was born in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2018, with the goal to explore fresh original compositions that reflect a research of the combination of different styles between contemporary jazz, Carnatic music, avant-garde jazz, free improv and chamber music. The adjective “liquid” also refers to the vision of the modernity analyzed by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman in the book “Liquid Modernity”. The elements of this quintet act as liquid identities: what unites them all is their fragility, temporariness, vulnerability and inclination to constant change. Every role is changeable. The compositions reveal the permanence of various possibilities , and the ability to connect and develop different themes through open improvisations.

Federico Calcagno – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet) | José Soares – Alto Saxophone | Adrian Moncada – Piano | Pau Sola Masafrets – Cello | Nick Thessalonikefs – Drums


Kreis plays original compositions, going from soundscapes to through-composed music. New combinations of sounds and instruments, creating an intimate mood.

Benjamin Hermans – saxophones & clarinet | Stan Maris – accordion & composition | Kobe Boon – double bass


Laura Polence is a singer, pianist, composer, and mime from Latvia. Since 2007 she lives in the Netherlands, and has since worked with diverse musical ensembles. After a few years of intensive touring and traveling to places near and far, with bands SnowApple, How Town, Kaja Draksler Octet, and Latvian Voices, it’s now time for a solo project.

Recent compositions and Latvian folksongs, voice, piano and synthesizer sounds create a special, colourful blend of musical and theatrical elements. It’s a way to talk about the complex simplicity and naive irony that the moments of our lives consist of.
Laura won the Best Composition Prize of the “Dutch Jazz Competition 2012”.

Laura Polence – voice, piano, synthesizer.