7-9 SITP: Badenhorst/Celano/Baggiani + Tomchess/Ekincioglu

Space is the Place: Badenhorst/Celano/Baggiani + Tomchess/Ekincioğlu + DJ de Platenbakker

Friday, September 7, music starts 21:00, entrance* €10 / students €7

*all proceeds go to the performing musicians.

A trio that may recall the legendary Der Rote Bereich for its instrumentation and its relation to composed/improvised musical constructions, but with a completely different sound and imaginary.

As an offshoot of the C.B.G, (Celano/Baggiani Group, a very active formation that has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary), Celano/Badenhorst/Baggiani is opening different musical spaces for these strong personalities, taking the unconventional instrumentation as a starting point and exploring the horizons of postmodern creative music.

Joachim Badenhorst – tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet | Guillermo Celano – guitar | Marcos Baggiani drums.

The group’s first album ,Lili & Marleen’, came out on Clean Feed, in July 2018. This tour will celebrate this fact.

In 2017, Bass player Esat Ekincioğlu met oud player Tomchess in New York. The project is currently over for the Zomerjazzfietstour Groningen, and it’d be a shame not to have them over to Amsterdam for a set.

The combination of double bass and oud, adds a middle eastern flavour to their storylike improvisations. Tomchess and Esat Ekincioğlu spontaneously create a common musical language that alter perceptions and encourage us to imagine different alternatives in music and life.

Tomchess – oud | Esat Ekincioğlu – double bass

After the concerts, DJ De Platenbakker will bring his ghettoblaster to play cassettes from Morocco, Lebanon, Albania, Mali, and Turkey.