Thursday, March 14, music starts 21:00, € 8 / students € 5

Hailing all the way from Amsterdam-Noord, Noord Jordaan, North America, Northern Hemisphere… the Three Lovers from Different Mothers a.k.a. Dereviancenko/Lumley/Renfrow a.k.a. Nordai Trio join hands for an epic evening of satanic rituals. Nobody can say exactly what will come out of their union but such is the nature of improvisation. Ages 18+

Andrius Dereviancenko – saxophone | Aaron Lumley – bass | Tristan Renfrow – drums

A fairly abstract examination of some of the littlest details from the U.S. Civil War. The artists premiered the work at the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival back in September:

“In Mullis’ ongoing investigation of Appalachia and the South, he employs “Sherman’s Neckties” as fodder for dancing, a “scorched-earth” Union Army tactic of tangling railroad ties, which left only one Confederate line intact during the Civil War. Saxophonist Brent Bagwell pans the back of the house, playing as though his instrument is equally bent and blocked. He blows air through the horn and smacks the reed, contrasting the quiet with dissonant squawks and screeches. Mullis spends much of his time on the perimeter of a center spotlight on stage, bending and folding his long and lanky body every which way, alluding to the same sense of stuck-ness. This goes on for a while — maybe longer than it needs to — but Mullis’ keen balance between chaos and control, and his gorgeous long lines and finite articulations of the hands and arms tempering all that entanglement, are captivating.” – Chicago Tribune

Brent Bagwell – saxophone | Eric Mullis – dance

Seb el Zin, leader of the cult ANARCHIST REPUBLIC OF Bzzz Records , proposes with his new instrumental trio, a travel in sound, influenced by jazz, rockabilly, middle-eastern music and soundtracks.

Seb El Zin – guitar | Bernhard Hollinger – bass | Tristan Renfrow – drums