March 15 & 16, start event 19:00, starter, gyozas plus dessert €25, tickets here.

About the Artist
Asli is an Amsterdam based culinary tactile artist who works around the subjects of social impact of food on different societies based upon cultural/traditional values, histories, and the psychology interrelated to how we eat and behave. She organizes concept based food events to bring up a topic of discussion through participatory engagement in collective making.

Asli graduated from Rietveld Academy, has lived in Berlin over a year as a chef resident in Agora Collective in Neukoln, as well as taking part in Nowhere kitchen collective with Pepe Dayaw, having worked with brazilian chef Caique Tizzi, and worked as a sous chef in Kantine, Markthalle Neun. She has organized various events in co-working cafe Agora Collective. Upon returning back to Amsterdam, she participated in the concept dinner “Blind-eten” at Museum night as a chef in Mediamatic in Amsterdam. Currently Asli runs the kitchen at De Ruimte as a head-chef (which she resists the label), cooking all what she has gathered over her past experiences dealing with food, collectively made with people of various cultural backgrounds. She is interested in culinary anthropology and intertwining different subjects through food.

“All you can eat Gyoza” pop-up
The event is organized to bring back attention in tactility in food as a form of textile that enters our body and feeds our thoughts, before what covers our body. The “all you can eat” brings a moment of discussing what our hunger means and what our body needs. Through a collective participatory dining- one thinks how we make things, how we share things, and what we collectively discuss or simply learn and share the knowledge we have with the other strangers.

The conceptual dinner starts with miso soup as a starter to heal you before you can put your hands on work, to become tactile with your food before it enters your body. The fillings for the gyozas will be ready (vegan, vegetarian) and biological meat upon request.

There will be articles on the tables to understand a bit of the history of Japanese food culture, as a point of reference for discussions of how our cultural understandings change.

There is only 1 rule of the dinner. The board that will be shared between the group sitting around can only be filled with gyozas once, then cooked by Asli in the kitchen, bringing back to the table for consumption, then can be filled again. The idea is to “listen to our hunger”. Other than this, you eat as much as you make and like.
Gyozas will be served with 2 different homemade sauces and fresh spring onions and smoked black sesame.

There will be a small heart-warmingending desert as the group decides to stop eating collectively 🙂

“In this work, the artist engages in an exploration of how to use food as a tool, or means of cultural relativism in a world of constant change, motion, and migration. This, in addition to the ways in which we can more collectively address issues of sustainability in our modern communities. Through a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the intersections between both rituals of eating and clothing ourselves, Asli’s practice is also an attempt to preserve ancestral techniques as a means by which we may be able to regain a sense of value and purpose in both what we eat and what we wear.”

“There is always a deeper poetic line behind dealing with food, as a form of energy and thought that is put in the process of making or producing something that enters somebody’s body, ultimately feeding his thoughts and emotions. I weave at the same time to meditate on and cultivate my own thoughts, in an attempt to construct a fabric of meaning. A journal of what is left over…