Saturday, March 23, 20:30, entrance €5

After three years of living mostly in horizontal positions caused by Pfeiffer (a.k.a. Mono/Kissing Disease), Daniël Eskens is back to normal life and takes over de Ruimte for an avant garde party night full of music.

Jorn ten Hoopen is a musician, composer and producer from Rotterdam. He recently recorded a solo guitar album in an abundant house. The natural acoustics of the different rooms were used to create the right atmosphere for each track on this somewhat melancholic album that has a raw and very intimate feel to it. One guitar and the reflections of the room, that was the concept.

One 30-minute set of improvised music by three musicians. Wietse Voermans and Daniël played a lot as a duo, but only for their own 4 ears. For this evening they invited Friso van Wijck to join them to play for more than 4 ears.

Wietse Voermans – Saxophone | Daniël Eskens – bass guitar | Friso van Wijck – drums

This trio is a crying try to mix the worlds of alternative pop, jazz, club music and improv. Instrumental pop songs played on synths and electronic drums, alter with West African rhythms, alter with singable melodies, ending with a challenging dance part.

Dario Trapani – guitar | Daniël Eskens – bass, synthesizers | Jimmi Hueting – drums

FAUT HAUT Soundsystem will bring avantgarde pop songs to the dancefloor. Stowing rhythms, to keep you on a tight leash. In other words, we’ll have some fun ;).