Sunday, April 28, 21:00, € 6

Everyone likes musicals. Everyone, except Jacco Weener, Glice/Coen Oscar Polack and Spoelstra.

Spoelstra releases the album West Side Story Winner Of Ten Academy Awards
On the album West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards, released on this very day, Spoelstra has confronted all songs of the musical West Side Story against all better judgement. West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards is filled to the brim by hysterical prog events, discordant guitar alarms, polyrhythmic pile-ups, untrue country and fluffy drones. What Spoelstra makes live on the spot, being one man using a guitar, a synthesizer, samplers and effects, is radical in many ways and certainly a menace for the average dancefloor, but Spoelstra firmly believes there is no reason to let abrasive riffs, loose strings, stumbling patterns, rural outbursts and tearjerk twists stand in the way of a good song unless it is funny.

Glice/Coen Oscar Polack
perform the musical Miss Saigon/Hamburger Lady
In recent years, the cinematic noise of Glice, with its great sense of texture and drama, has opened many ears to a genre that is often perceived as difficult or inaccessible. That makes Glice a perfect match for the work of Coen Oscar Polack, which navigates an unstable balance between electronic textures and field recordings. That probably makes Glice and Coen Oscar Polack no match at all for something like the musical Miss Saigon.

Jacco Weener
lives through songs from Porgy And Bess, The Wizard Of Oz among others
Whether Jacco Weener should be considered an avantgardistic performance artist, a preacher of sorts, an all-round entertainer or just some silly guy is surely up for debate and while he keeps everyone guessing every step of the way, Jacco Weener doesn’t mind killing everyone’s precious time by performing some possibly drastic interpretations of songs from musicals and operas like Porgy And Bess and The Wizard Of Oz.