Door open: 19.00, first performance 19.30 entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can) tickets.


remember when you moved in space and a soundless disturbance made you turn? Like a mighty revelation made you realise something; an entity was following you, tangentially, in unison, in anticipation, in delay with your movements. You had been touched by invisible bodies.

Now, what accompanies your journey along the four-chapter performative event at De Ruimte, are not ghostly projections, but vibrant visions shared through a multitude of practises related to the body and its many virtualities.

For the next months (February – July 2022), cyclically, the invited artists will populate the embodied and virtual space between bodies, objects, ideologies, selves, intimately conspiring with the fictional and fluid concept of identity. Their languages of synchronic verbal tenses and audiovisual scores will curb and project you in the prysm of life possibilities. 

In the process, you may be aroused by the blurriness of organs and dreams, and let go of the idea you are contained only by your skin. You came a long way, you will be leaving, because you are here and where, if you were, where we will be.

We hope to meet you there.


response by Dalia Maini

carried by invisible bodies: Azul De Monte with Raffia Li | Elisa Batti | Maciej Sado

performed by Azul De Monte and Raffia Li
“Dialogue with accumulation” is a video performance developed during the earlier stages of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Touch is a transformational gesture that informs the surfaces and skins that perform it. But touch is regulated: elements inside any (power) structure are organised in specific ways that determine which elements are allowed to be in touch with each other and which are kept at a distance.
This piece is a response to those privileged touches that would be able to transform our present and material reality and therefore are out of reach. The result is a perpetuation of gestures that can numb the membranes of our senses. Skins therefore become used to interacting through non-transformative touches until no change can be imagined.
“Dialogue with accumulation” alludes to this layering of numbing touches and responds to those that are privileged enough to transform the world with one simple handshake.
2-hour performance installation
is when the body becomes a collection of tools, a conscious technology to catch-and-learn everything.
is when un/foreseen perceptions creep out from the corner of the body’s imagination. Memory?
is when you look at me and the object, and I have nothing to hide but this strange empathy for either. Uncanny?
Elisa Batti has just created a brand new live set that is going to be premiered for this event.
In her words “In order to talk about this composition, I have first to talk about the way I usually conceive a piece. I always think about the music when composing it, as it is a landscape, a scenographic set, where I develop a story. The content is always quite evocative and depictive and follows a path where I unravel my narrative.
The piece is trying to recreate an atmosphere where sounds are constantly reshaping themselves and evolving, capturing the audience into a journey.”
Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, VSB Fonds en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.