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Programmed by Isadora Tomasi and Angeliki Tzortzakaki


remember when you moved in space and a soundless disturbance made you turn? Like a mighty revelation made you realise something; an entity was following you, tangentially, in unison, in anticipation, in delay with your movements. You had been touched by invisible bodies.

Now, what accompanies your journey along the four-chapter performative event at De Ruimte, are not ghostly projections, but vibrant visions shared through a multitude of practises related to the body and its many virtualities.

For the next months (February – July 2022), cyclically, the invited artists will populate the embodied and virtual space between bodies, objects, ideologies, selves, intimately conspiring with the fictional and fluid concept of identity. Their languages of synchronic verbal tenses and audiovisual scores will curb and project you in the prysm of life possibilities. 

In the process, you may be aroused by the blurriness of organs and dreams, and let go of the idea you are contained only by your skin. You came a long way, you will be leaving, because you are here and where, if you were, where we will be.

We hope to meet you there.

response by Dalia Maini

carried by invisible bodies: Nica Roses | FRÖ | Amber Vanluffelen | Fitgirl


Nica Roses (b. 1988 and Rosario, Argentina) is a performance artist and body movement researcher based in Amsterdam. Their practice focuses on the exploration of intimacy through dance performances, installation and relational art. Their work consists of sensorially immersive environments that revolve around the physical body.

Some roads you need to take alone. No friends, no family, no partner. Just you and the universe” is a dance performance that centers around the figure of a go-go dancer in relation with an audience and a party enviorment. During this intervention the dancer aims to use sexy dance as a tool to tear appart the idea of sexiness while deconstructing the gaze of the audience in relation with validation and sexuality.

Amber Vanluffelen (1991) is a Brussels-based artist whose practice encompasses performance, drawing, film and installation. Drawn from the different realities and communities that she navigates – ballroom culture, basketball, nightlife, anime – the narratives that take shape in her work reflect her eclectic interests and passions.

Amber Vanluffelen performs a strategy guide for environments. Through text she goes into an exploration of a semi-digital environment made up of 32 bit pixel images and drawings. It is a force field where she engages with material- and less material entities, each one of them sparking depictions of their own dynamics into life.

FRÖ makes experimental electronics with haunting vocals, going from femme-folk to post-internet information-overload. Her fascination lies in the voice, as the body’s given instrument, one everyone always carries with them. Regardless of how it is used or changes over time, the voice is wholly personal.

That sound, more than any other sense, can bring us closer to, or override and manipulate emotions, is an amazing and scary facet of human existence, one which FRÖ constantly chases in her musical practice, as both musician and as listener.


Fitgirl aka Fuji Rademaker has had a fascination for new media and techniques for as long as he remembers. Decomposing race cars (sorry dad!), tricking his friends that they could play video games without hands, by videotaping his games. And later in life composing and playing electronic music to create and manipulate different moods and atmospheres. As Fitgirl, he has played in underground and commercial spaces known and loved in Europe: De Trut, De Vrankrijk, ADM, De Trouw, Awakenings, Club up, Sugar factory, Tacheles, Ponderosa, Volkshotel/Canvas, Mini Musikhall and Complex to name a few. Next to that he has composed and made videos for artists like: Nica Roses, Thais de Marco, Job Koelewijn and Katja Heitmann. For the future he wishes to expand on his fascination for atmospheres and moods to create happenings and rituals that will bring the participants to an altered state; by playing with light, music and movements.

Fitgirl is also a political statement against body shaming and binary gender standards, by playing with and exposing these structures.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, VSB Fonds en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.