June 23, 14:00, entrance €7,50 / students/Stadspas €5.

Melle Stoel designs geometric shapes which join together into larger objects. He started experimenting with regular heptagons as a basic shape. Later, he discovered a coherence, a possibility to design architectural objects compounded from antiprisms. His recent work is again compounded from regular heptagons, folded as segments which join together into interwoven, three-dimensional objects.
Nuno Lobo is a composer specially interested in instrumental/vocal acoustic music and in multiple inter-disciplinary formats. His music seeks to explore expressive gestures contrasting with dissonant textures. He is usually inspired by distinct elements such as literature, cinema but also physics or psychology. His music has been played in several music halls around Europe such as the Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), AMUZ (Antwerp), KORZO (Den Haag), Casa da Música (Porto), Castelo Sforzesco (Milan) and recently his opera “Alma Grande” was presented at the Dutch National Opera and Ballet.�The Maat Saxophone Quartet plays a piece by Nuno Lobo. Prize-winners of the most prestigious classical music competition in Portugal “Prémio Jovens Músicos”, the Maat Saxophone Quartet combines four musicians from the same country and was born from the great desire and passion of making music together.The quartet works regularly with new and young composers, promoting the development of new saxophone quartet repertoire, as well as the development of the new pieces for this formation by young composers, such as Nuno Lobo, Adam Lukawski and Ramin Amin Tafreshi.Maat Saxophone Quartet has the desire to bring abroad and develop the great music found in Portugal, as well as bring with them the great music found in the Netherlands, making this artistic and cultural connection through the music.Daniel Ferreira – soprano saxophone | Catarina Gomes – alto saxophone | Pedro Silva – tenor saxophone | Mafalda C. Oliveira – baritone saxophone