Jul 16, 2022
6:00 pm
De Sloot
Rhôneweg 6-10, 1043 AH Amsterdam

This summer De Ruimte sets up camp on July 15/16 at De Sloot: a new, fertile cultural/theatre hub near Sloterdijk. From the bottomless ditch of creative musicians in the Amsterdam experimental music scene, you can hear, see and experience ao the most beautiful voices, Eritrean music, explosive brass and a real musical fox hunt. Both days De Sering serves a special dish.

The festival is a co-operation of De Ruimte, De Sloot & De Sering.

You can get your ticket(s) here.

This weekend you can not only dance and enjoy theater, you can also join TestTafel for a 3 or 7 course experimental vegan dinner! TestTafel creates a new menu every week based on an eclectic collection of recipes we have been wanting to make for years, dishes stolen from our favorite chefs, and recipes found in obscure cookbooks. Think onion ice-cream with beetroot granita and carrot ganache.

The Seven course menu starts at 19:00 and will be finished around 21:30
The Three course menu starts at 18:00 and is finished around 19:30

Please make sure to reserve at de Sering if you would like to have dinner, walking in without a reservation is not possible.


20:00 outside court
Zebra Street Band

20:15 Small Hall
Sanem Kalfa / Marta Warelis / Sun-Mi Hong

21:00 big hall
Vorm van Vier by Sam van Hulst, Roos Bottinga, Gina van Os & Eefje Paddenburg (performance in Dutch, tickets @De Sloot)

21:00 – 23:15 everywhere
Chase the music! Musical foxhunt throughout the building

22:00 De Sering
Live music from We Are Here

22:00 – 23:15
De Drie Musketiers – De Warme Winkel, Sam de Jong (movie)

22:30 studio 3
Clubhouse DADA (performance, language no problem)

23:30 small hall
Mother Tongue [Mola Syla, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Frank Rosaly]

00:30 De Sering
Percussion 4tet [Frank Rosaly, Onno Govaert, Sun-Mi Hong, Fabio Galeazzi]

01:00 De Sering
Zebra Street Band

Highly energetic music that is both artistic and infectiously danceable. Myriad styles melt together into a repertoire that echoes Africa and the Caribbeans as well as jazz and breakbeat.

Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone | Andrius Dereviancenko – tenor sax | Onno Govaert – drums | Fabio Galeazzi – Drums


Three young, strong improvisers join forces, each with their own background and distinctive style.

Sanem Kalfa – voice, cello | Marta Warelis – piano | Sun-Mi Hong – drums

Photography: www.thomashuisman.nl