FriApr 28, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Een innige verstrengeling van diner, dans, muziek, poëzie en theater. Een avond waarin een kakelvers seizoensgebonden diner en performances één worden. Slechts € 21,50 voor drie gangen en 12,50 voor alle optredens. Laat de kok op tijd weten als je komt! An intimate entanglement of food, dance, music, (Dutch) poetry and theatre. € 21,50 for three courses and 12,50 for all the performances. An evening where a great, season based dinner and performances become one. Please contact the chef on time!

19:00: deuren open
19:00: start diner
19:45: aanvang eerste performance

DINER: Tim Sprangers / John Pastinaak
Zoals altijd kookt tim met groenten, kruiden en fruit van het seizoen en het liefst uit moestuinen in Amsterdam-Noord.

VOOR Lentesalade met een zacht eitje en desembroodkruim

HOOFD Paddenstoelenrisotto van Alkmaarse Gort, met groene asperges, gerookte amandelen en radicchio

NA Rabarber-sinaasappeltaartje

Sekou Dioubate is a virtuoso musician from Guinea, born into a griot family. He has been living for many years in Amsterdam now, playing with various groups on both the kora and djembe, ao with Boi Akih.

Sekou combines a thorough knowledge of the West African musical tradition with an inquiring mind and the desire to integrate various musical influences into his playing.

Roosmarijn is an exceptional singer-songwriter who, armed with her viola,
loop station and intriguing voice, changes the sense of time and space. In her
music you will find dreamy melodies with a complex rhythmic underlay, presented in an expressive manner. She was already on several stages in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. She is currently working on her debut album.

Sophia Blyden is a writer, poet and program maker. In her work she explores themes such as loneliness, power relations and transgressive behaviour. Often in a tone that touches on the cynical and bitter. She looks for words that reflect the hopeless and depressed feelings that linger in our current society, without losing lightness and hope. She likes to use the symbolism of fairy tales and the frog in this. She is currently working on her debut novel at Uitgeverij Querido.

Trevoga is a para-fictional choreographic collective with a fluid identity and a soft spot for dystopian imaginaries.  Trevoga means anxiety, as in rejecting escapist indulgence and endorsing the ubiquity of crisis.

Growing up in the nebulous socio-political context of “re-construction”, between the violently enforced moral imperatives of a soviet ghost and the stupefying hedonism of a newborn capitalist dream, they grow up quite fond of the aesthetic overlaps between repression and seduction. Understanding their bodies as symptoms of the various contexts they move through, their work challenges the notion of the self as a rigid set of conditions it is born into and instead celebrates its constant oscillations. They view themselves as neither in dichotomy nor unison. As always both, or rather neither – the symptom and the cause, the victim and the perpetrator, the puppet and the puppeteer.

Although finding their roots in contemporary dance, their works spill into the realms of fine arts and physical theatre. Imbued with the disaffection of the urban lifestyle, their aesthetic gnaws at the mental onslaught provoked by the modern pursuit of exclusivity, addiction to entertainment, hustler fanaticism, pharmaceutical joys and bureaucratic sorrows. Embracing both the cruelty from within and from without yet falling short of nihilistic apathy.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en onze Spaceholders