Friday, February 21, 20:30, tickets (at the door): 6-18€ (sliding-scale) (cash & pin)
In this edition we are going to electro-land, we have 3 live acts and a DJ set, each of them creating outstanding work in their respective fields. All performers have a unique take on incorporating electronics into their music, it’s gonna be a buzzzzzing night!20:30 doors open 21:00 CLOUDFISH
Hartog Eysman – vocals | Jasper le Clercq – violin, effects, loops
‘A unique blend of original songs and free improvisation, they aim for atmosphere and emotion.’22:00 GERRI JÄGER solo
Gerri Jäger- drums, electronics | Sandor Caron – live sound
‘Adventurous compositions, fun improvisations and raw sound design using drums, electronics, old keyboards, modular synths and a drum synthesizer’23:00 BREEK
Salvador Breed – electronics & visuals | Stijn van Beek – electronics & visuals
‘Grittiness and bittersweet melancholy on the dance floor’
23:45-02:45 – Cantillate (DJ set)CLOUDFISH
Cloudfish is an exceptional duo of voice and violin.
A unique blend of original songs and free improvisation, they aim for atmosphere and emotion. Eysman and Le Clercq have developed a sixth sense for interplay. They are constantly reacting to each other. Their music evolves like a kaleidoscope.Jasper le Clercq played for 25 years in the Zapp4 string quartet. He also plays the violin in theatre productions for which he composes as well. ‘Often humorous, sometimes moving, but always original and accessible’. (Volkskrant)Hartog Eysman released four solo albums as an indie singer-songwriter. In previous projects he sang jazz, soul and broken beats. ‘Transports the listener, over mountains high and valleys low.’ (3voor12)
The songs are never once played in the same way. Every version is an fresh exploration. Where the adventure takes them is a surprise, a reinterpretation, a remix. The result is like a film, made out of sound. Textures and layers are created by Le Clercq’s violin loops and effects. Sometimes minimal, only small motifs colouring the silence. Sometimes dramatic, with rhythms and melodies building up to a climax. Their colour palette is broad and eclectic.
One hears elements of jazz, but also 90’s rock, triphop or classical.
Gerri Jäger is best known from the band Knalpot, infiltrating the Amsterdam underground as well as the European festivals with ‘raw electronics, wild improv and danceable dub’ (de Volkskrant). Following his conservatory studies in Amsterdam, the Austrian-born drummer immersed himself in experimental music, combining his drums with the kind of gear mostly associated with DJ’s. At Earsessions he will present his EP ‘Gerri Jäger Live at Vrooom’ and new unreleased work.Born in Innsbruck (Austria) in 1979 Gerri picked up the drums when he was 9 years old. After some brass-band and grunge-rock teenage years he studied jazz at the Conservatories of Innsbruck (AT) and later in Amsterdam (NL), where he graduated in 2006. Since then Gerri has been performing extensively in and outside the Netherlands expanding boundaries in music and its genres.


In 2006 Salvador Breed and Stijn van Beek met while studying Sound Design and Music Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Ever since then the pair have been beavering away behind an arsenal of blinking banks in Amsterdam. The musical fruit of this friendship? Breek. A partnership that smears the boundaries of styles and sounds with festive flare. For their vinyl debut, a candy coloured cornucopia of elements are swirled and whirled. Braindance, electronica and neo-classical are festooned with dubby tones and underground grit in a unique sound of diverse textures and deep tones.

Within the improvised bounds, Cantillate engulfs the listeners minds with everything from sleazy synthesized dub to the realms of industrial Eastern inspired acid.
With influences ranging from the politics of the outside world to the flux of internal emotional states, Cantillate’s sonic safari effortlessly knocks down the brittle walls of genre while prescribing an antidote to the overvalued visual elements within our daily lives.
Text by Gerhard Zucker (aka Krokakai)