Impro To Go #7: the Ambush Party

Sunday, May 30, 18-21:00, pancake by Tijdelijke Toon plus improvisation by The Ambush Party €5*.

Ready while you wait: food and improvisation will be made, in your presence. You take out the food, and the will be sent to your mail the minute it’s finished. Further listening to the recording of your improvisation only outside. It’s not allowed to further consume your recording inside: we are take away only. Max 3 customers inside.

On the menu are improvisations by The Ambush Party and pancakes by Tijdelijke Toon.

The Ambush Party is aptly named indeed. As in an ambush, the band lies in wait for the listener, and takes him by surprise. The group takes its inspiration from such diverse genres as noise, tango, opera, drum ‘n’ bass and jazz.

The foursome has a great sense of musical humour to boot, in the grand tradition of the playful, sometimes sardonic irony of Misha Mengelberg. The second half of the band’s name is just as appropriate as the first: this music is a party!

Natalio Sued – tenor sax | Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano | Harald Austbø – cello | Marcos Baggiani – drums


Take it away!


*max 1 order per person per visit. It’s possible to visit our IMPRO TO GO service more than once on one day