Irrational Library + Dead Anyway
SatFeb 25, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

​Doors open 20:00, start first concert 20:30, entrance 8-20 (sliding scale, pay what you can, door only)

The Irrational Library is a Haarlem based rock band with its roots firmly planted in both the regional and international counterculture. The Dutch-American band produces a raw, dirty groove which is heavily influenced by icons of beat-, provo- and punk culture. The band‘s rhythm section -Mishal Zeera on bass and Lars van der Weijden on drums- puts the poetry packed with social criticism on a musical freight train with the velocity of acts such as The Minutemen or Gil Scott Heron. Tom de Haan‘s baritone sax then propels this freight train ever onward with tight melodies and psychedelic improvisations. The “unofficial city poet of Haarlemtown” Joshua Baumgarten is the catalyst that propels The Irrational Library forward on the rhythm and rhyme of his socio-politically engaged spoken word poetry.

DEAD ANYWAY are Kate Arnold (lyrics/vocals) and Marc Symonds (beats/instruments). Both are from Gloucestershire UK

“I’m hearing quite a bit of poetry set to beats at the moment and no-one is doing it better than D.A. They’ve been quietly releasing absolutely banging EPs & LPs over the past few years, each one better than the last. Kate’s poetry is angry, funny, clever and occasionally heartbreaking. With a keen ear and turn of phrase, she holds a mirror up to today’s world in all its sickness and absurdity while Marc’s musical experiments are endlessly surprising, beats and hooks that brilliantly underpin and never detract from Kate’s words”. Michael J Sheehy

“Dead Anyway make meaty loops driven techy and guitar splattered art pop that has a kind of Big Black meets Poison Girls feel, albeit on a moonlit night in a misty glade somewhere in the Forest Of Dean. If Dry Cleaning were from the wrong (right) side of the tracks…Can only be a good thing”. -Tony Bugbear

“Trip Hop Poetry Punk Gumbo!” -Gappy Tooth Industries