Friday, November 15, music starts 20:30, entrance €7, tickets at the door



Luka Schuurman will perform a range of improvisations and compositions on guitar, piano and electronics, including new material from his upcoming full-length “Buoyant Figures”.

Floating somewhere between ambient, minimalist and film music, the sound of “Buoyant Figures” is difficult to define as a genre (people have noted underlying hints of prog and post rock), but it does have an uncompromising melancholic, hypnotic and intimate atmosphere.

Two singles, “Unmutual Intertwinement” and “Buoyant Figures in the Dark” have been released so far and can be heard at With the possibility of guest musicians showing up.


FJ González Torres (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 1971) is a guitar and bass player based in Amsterdam. He started playing around 1989 and has been performing on stage and recording with different bands and projects. FJ is co-founder of many bands such as the Fields Orchestra, Calesoria, nonac, Monocroma and Gallo (the latter still active) . He has since 2015 a solo guitar project, FJ González Torres, in which he plays barely reviewed impro, and he ocassionally collaborates with other artists/musicians like Larva Peruzzotti (Torres/Peruzzotti) or Mario Ramirez (Torres/Ramirowski).

On this night, he will play duo with Gallo drummer Thomas van Nieuwenhoven.