CANCELLED: New Year Space Impro: Knalpot + Raw Fish

Times tba, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

We start the new year with a bang! A very special Space Impro edition with two adventurous, experimental duos who strive to push personal and musical boundaries in their process of creating diverse soundscapes and musical experiences.

Light-bending electro-acoustic avant-garde indie duo between Italian Giovanni Iacovella and Danish Teis Semey. The quirky, virtuous, contemporary harmonic lines and chords of Semey take off in an epic bi-protagonistic adventure with the bombastic and intricate drumming by Giovanni Iacovella. Into and through the universe of modern music in all its shapes and forms. Expect nothing, and everything, but mainly an energizing rebirth of the duo with surprises flying like sparks, left and right and center.

Teis Semey – guitar | Giovanni Iacovella – drums, electronics

With dub, rock, electronic noise, ambient and jazz as the most important pillars, Knalpot constantly moves between musical extremes. Own compositions are (re)built from the ground, while multitasking with guitar, bass, drums, synths and piles of analog electronics.
Guitarist Raphael Vanoli and drummer Gerri Jäger started Knalpot in Amsterdam; their collaboration has been described as ‘a moped race between Radiohead, Clark and Squarepusher’. Soundman Sandor Caron has been performing as the third band member for several years now.

Gerri Jäger – drums, synths, electronics | Raphael Vanoli – (bass) guitar, electronics, bass-synth | Sandor
Caron – sound design

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Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.