Sunday, February 23, 20:00, entrance 7,50

Other Futures in Space returns for another mind-shifting evening. Join Natasha Papadopoulou and Yiannis Loukos and witness rhythm in motion in “Part Way Back”, a performance made especially for this event!

As a visual artist, Natasha Papadopoulou translates spoken language and body language into several mediums. Yiannis Loukos is an experimental composer and classical piano player. They collaborate as Miss Saturation, a free improv and storytelling band.

For Other Futures in Space they’ve created the performance “Part Way Back”, in which they deconstruct pop rhythms into indie music.
“Rhythm is a dancer, a song sung, before it succeeded into fragments of synchronic movement. It happens naturally in nature, but who keeps the tempo for seasons to change? Symphony is more than a musical form: it is an agreement, a collaboration of echoes and sounds that please the ears of many species.”

In the second half of the evening, Yiannis Loukos will play a dark ambient mix of his compositions, inspired by dancing on Mars.