Sunday, May 24, around 20:20, buy the album here.


Zorro oZ-line: the concert of Plan Kruutntoone and Reinier van Houdt, presenting the sixth album of the trio without compromise.
Our massive non-event, the celebration of the Zorroastrian ritual, will take place here.
A deserted romney shed somewhere in the north. Only the chosen ones will gather to perform their religious duty, a service to you, heroes, the worst, since pearl harbor. a kärcher high pressure water cleaner will be solemnly melted. into nothingness.
…and zorro cares for us.

if you want to attend the service and sing and dance with us (and donate afterwards), your final invitation will be given here.


The docu we’ll make of the service, will travel to Moers2020Festival, where we will play a live set, Dennis A Schmitz dancing with us and with a Red Flower….

ps: “Come! GoAway!Underwear!Come!Come!Buy! Buy! GoAway Underwear!”, as the Asian Salesman on the Bridge over the Moldau used to cry: The new album will be available from that moment on, at, Underbelly, de Platenslager, Planet of Sound, Plato and Elpee. Special prices for those who support us, by attending: thank you.