Sunday, May 12, music starts 21:00, €7


Ákos Nagy is a composer, improviser and electronics artist from Hungary. On his second tour in the Netherlands he will collaborate with Andor Polgár, an Amsterdam-based ambient electronic music artist, creating an intercultural soundscape.

During their 90 minutes live performance they will blend different sound generating techniques such as spectral modeling synthesis Karplus–Strong synthesis with some acoustic elements to create a calming ambience. Ákos Nagy’s art is synthetic and shows synthesizing tendency which is built from the Dutch polyphonic tradition. He examined Gothic and late Renaissance music, traces of which show up in his later music along with elements of Transylvanian, Indian, Khmer, Balinese and Japanese classical culture. He turns towards exploring new forms and structures, filling them up with his characteristic take on melody which origins usually from non-tempered (just intonation) systems. His music juxtaposes solid blocks of sound that keep reprising accumulatively a method he branded ‘layering technique’. His music is influenced by the I-II World War Avant-garde, the American experimental, the early psychedelic music, many European and outside Europe folk music and former arts. In his pieces, he shows a penchant for mathematical series, textures arranged after principles of variation which are substantiated with polyrhythmic, polytemporal, polymetric patterns of melody and rhythm. Andor Polgár gathers his inspiration and builds his art from a palette of generative techniques. He is not only using the language of mathematics for writing compositions, but also for forming the sound that makes it heard. In his music he is utilising modern mathematics such as Neo-Riemannian theory or the more ancient Euclidean algorithm. He is creating living, self generating musical pieces.

Ákos Nagy & Andor Polgár – modular synthesizers, spieluhr, singing bowls, tape loops

Rutger Muller’s electroacoustic composition/improvisation ‘Processive’ extracts a fragile, mystic soundscape from cultural, technological and psychological frictions. A fusion of meditative (ambient) and uncanny elements intends to evoke a non-dualist environment that blurs the borders between self-other, foreground-background, stability-chaos, time-space.

Tonight the work will be performed in duo-form with Dodó Kis on (live processed) recorders. She likes to keep an open mind towards live electronics and free improvisation, expanding the boundaries of both her instrumentation, and herself. She strives to create meaningful collaborations, challenging your view of what both the recorder, and the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) can do. Originally from Hungary, she is a member of aXolot, a recorder trio playing classical, contemporary, and electronic music, incorporating both theater and improvisation. Also, she plays the EWI as a member of experimental funk rock group Jerboah.