CANCELLED: Ruisburo: Noise Diva, Ekhe, Mohamed Gaber

Doors open: 14:00 / Music 14:30 sharp, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

Our capacity will be limited, so please send a reservation to if you want to join us.

Noise Diva
Mohamed Gaber

Ekhe is the alias of producer/sonic artist Jack Beattie. A serial collaborator, their output spans from extreme club sounds (with the Spooky Shit crew) to contemplative aural vistas (in recent project Felt). With their more recent practise focused on hardware improvisation, Ekhe will put structured sequences against fluid soundscapes in an attempt to conjure scenes of sonic beauty.
Mohamed Gaber is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Cairo, Egypt, now based in the Netherlands to work on his Masters at Sandberg Institute. He works in a wide range of creative disciplines, including type design, web design, graphic design, live VJ, generative art performing, and sound art. His primary interest lies in the haptic nature of the production of typography and the technological, philosophical, and historical aspects of it.While his work is driven by the values of free experimentation and perpetual learning, He draws his inspiration from a broad spectrum of sources, from the slightest variations of handwriting in government documents from the Cairo archives to variable fonts, from traditional calligraphy to quirky typefaces of signs and posters scattered across the city and its post-colonial ghettos where he was born and raised.

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