Friday, May 25, 21:30, entrance €10, limited capacity! Presales here.

SATURNALIA: where Latin goes Awry.

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN is an Italian scientist, composer, multimedia artist. His main artistic focus is directed towards the creation of probabilistic multi-media architectures, on the technological limit between instability and error, failure and expression. Lately he moved from digital systems to analog found or decontextualized electronic ensembles.

La Redada, a sextet of tropical psychedelic music from the capital of Mexico consisting of Carlos Icaza, Julian Huerta, Daniel Llermaly, Oscar Ojeda, Feike de Jong and Fernando Caridi, references Latin American from the 30’s to the 70’s, reinventing sounds hidden in crates of second hand vinyl. La Redada takes these songs with the goal of revisiting an imaginary past of the Mexico City, where musical adventure, the energy of dance and the variety of human experience contained in this city of 20 million people reigns.

The sound of La Redada Is determined by its instrumentation, drums, organ, bass, percussions, woodwinds and theremin. The composition of the band is cosmopolitan; numbering two Chileans, a Dutchman and three Mexicans. The band’s members have played in
distinct scenes in Mexico City, such as surf, garage, free jazz,
noise, electronic music and tropical music among others.

Sometimes the most foolish combinations are excellent. A golden cocktail: repeating cumbia rhythms like
basis for explosive jazz strapping. The six-headed Bacchanalia, led by Uruguayan bass player Miguel
Petruccelli, made concert halls, cafés, stages and tents sweat and explode. It is the mesmerizing Spanish
African rhythms and the roughly exploding lashes of saxophone, guitar and percussion that make up the entire band sound
like a fire-breathing monster.



After the three live acts, Tim Sprangers will take out his huge collection of tropical, funky, and straight up swingin’ vinyl.

The second edition of three Saturnalias coming up this spring:
April 19th: Saturnalia #3: duo Moore/Bicudo – Roda da Holanda – Bacchanalia
May 25th: Saturnalia #4: Alberto Novello – La ReDaDa – Bacchanalia
June 16: Bacchanalia Orchestra + Doek festival party + DJ Ron

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honour of the god Saturn. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves. A common custom was the election of a “King of the Saturnalia”, who would give orders to people and preside over the merrymaking. The poet Catullus called it “the best of days”.

This series was made possible with help by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.