Space Impro
ThuApr 6, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Doors open 20:00, music starts 20:30h Tickets 8-20 (Sliding Scale. If you’re on a tight budget, please don’t hesitate to contact us via to see what we can do regarding the entrance fee.)
Tonight the first SITProductions concert live at De Ruimte! Sanem Kalfa presents her new quartet, which has been initiated within the framework of the Productiehuis, featuring Marta Warelis, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Nasim López-Palacios Navarro. The free jazz/ indie rock psychedelic combination of Elg Ler and the impressive music of the duo Vera Morais and Hristo Goleminov complete this exciting evening!

Sanem Kalfa will perform with her brand new quartet featuring Marta Warelis, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Nasim López-Palacios Navarro. Sanem Kalfa is a singer and cellist from Turkey, who has been active in the Amsterdam music scene for ten years. Her voice is flawless and at the same time she always seeks the edges with rough evisceration and electronic manipulations.
The music she will make with the quartet, supported by SITProductiehuis, is inspired by what she listened to when she grew up: Turkish pop/rock, traditional music, music with European influences from Turkish films and Turkish classical music. All these elements may not be very obvious, but undoubtedly they will very nicely color the whole picture. The music is mainly improvised with the elements and the richness of the flavors mentioned above.

Sanem Kalfa: voice / electronics | Marta Warelis synths | Ingebrigt Håker Flaten bass | Nasim López-Palacios Navarro drums

Elg Ler is the psychedelic child of free-jazz and indie rock, brought to life by the creative minds of Radio Trapani, Mateo Mazzù and Stefano Costanzo. The blend of the three blossoms into a unique electric guitar trio sound where simple songs are deconstructed in different ways each and every night, show after show.
Adventurous improvisation with no soloist gives birth to elaborated textures where it might get hard to spot who is actually playing what, also thanks to the heavy contribution of extended techniques on each instrument. For the fans of Marc Ribot, Sonic Youth and Monkey Plot.

Dario Trapani – electric guitar | Giuseppe Romagnoli – double bass | Stefano Costanzo – drums

The music of Vera Morais and Hristo Goleminov stems from the merging of poetry and improvisation. The aesthetics of William Carlos Williams (the American imagist poet) serve as a starting point for an elastic and transparent musical style, in an ode to the ordinary things of everyday life. Praised by critics for their captivating interpretations of poetry and the unique blend of their instruments, they have performed in international festivals such as the Porta Jazz Festival (PT), Sofia Music Weeks (BG) and Bezau Beatz (AT). Their album „Consider the Plums‟ was released in September 2022 on the Portuguese label Carimbo Porta-Jazz.

Vera Morais – voice | Hristo Goleminov – sax


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