Space Impro
ThuMar 9, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Doors 20:00, Music 20:30. Tickets 8-20 (Sliding Scale. If you’re on a tight budget, please don’t hesitate to contact us via to see what we can do regarding the entrance fee.)
A full evening featuring four strong international trios with an unusual line-up of instruments and sound palettes, including Miman from Oslo and Purple is the Color from Vienna! This evening is organised in co-operation with Footprints and Bimhuis.

The trio Miman is characterized by their improvised interplay with an all-consuming expression – crystallized fragments of music styles presented mysteriously and inexplicably as in a dream. Specifically, this expression strives for an imminent just tuned ideal and is not afraid of being neither head-nodding groovy nor strict and slow-flowing, as captured on their latest record ‘1000 bitar’.
Miman consists of fiddler Hans Kjorstad, clarinetist Andreas Røysum and bassist and synthetist Egil Kalman; three unavoidable names from the Scandinavian scene for exploratory music.
As a trio they also collaborate with musicians such as Tristan Honsinger, Axel Dörner and Michael Griener. They’re also a part of Marthe Lea Band and Alasdair Roberts & Völvur.

Hans Kjorstad – fiddle | Ernst Reijseger – cello | Andreas Røysum clarinet | Egil Kalman bass, synths

“Eccentric, ironic, kaleidoscopic labyrinths of weird and subversive sounds!”
An international trio with an unusual line-up, each with his/her own musical background.
Classically trained pianist Sophie Agnel from Paris has transformed her instrument into an “extended prep piano”, thereby laying the foundations of a radically materialist personal universe that is by turns lyrical, abstract and sensualist. Joke Lanz with his punk background started in the mid 80’s to play experimental and noise music. As a turntablist he creates autonomous sound-cells that melt into a language free of any function. He combines ritual reductionism with anarchistic playfulness, atmospheric soundscapes with cut-up noise and physicalness with unpredictability. And last but not least drummer Michael Vatcher, currently residing in Amsterdam and New York, who has been a driving force in the improv scene for years already.

Sophie Agnel – piano | Joke Lanz – turntables | Michael Vatcher – drums

Exploring the world, always new, unknown, deep, subtle, touching, confronting. The members of this trio come from very different cultures and they find each other interacting, trusting the unknown. With the strong impulse of exploring together their inner worlds, giving birth to a new dimension of sounds.

Michael Moore – reeds | Nico Chientaroli – piano/synths | Uldis Vitols – bass


Michael Moore

In co-operation with Bimhuis & Footprints Conference.

The Viennese band Purple is the Color will be giving a late night performance at De Ruimte!Jazz music of a tremendously elegant quality, the kind that does not linger in the classical realm, but rather unfolds many interesting interconnections to other styles.

The band sets sail to special musical shores, to shores on which the dignified sound of jazz can develop its full radiance free of conventional constraints. The aim of the band is to touch the audience with their music, release deep-rooted feelings and trigger emotions.After the success of their first album “Unmasked”, Purple is the Color are back with “EPIC”, their second album to be released on the Viennese label Session Work Records.

The music is intense, inspiring and beautiful and proves that the presence of Purple is the Color can no longer be overlooked by the international jazz scene!

Simon Raab – piano |  Stepán Flagar – sax |  Martin Kocián – bass | Michal Wierzgon – drums



Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.