Sunday, September 22, music starts 21:00, entrance €9

“A bridge of sounds between the Orient and Occident”

Arifa’s secret lies in the creative chemistry between its three members. Coming from Romania, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany, their music is just as diverse as their origins. Ancient musical traditions from the Middle East and Balkans are blended with jazz and contemporary improvised music through a Western frame of mind.

Their CD ’Beyond Babylon’ was released in 2010, ’Anatolian Alchemy’ in 2012 and their third album “Voices from the East” in 2014. They were consecutively awarded the title “best world music release” in the Netherlands to five star reviews, as well as receiving international acclaim.

Alex Simu (Ro) – clarinets | Franz von Chossy (De) – piano | Sjahin During (Tr/Nl) – percussion set