Thursday, May 30, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6.


Ken Vandermark and Terrie Hessels have been playing together for years. The Chicago reedist was a guest for The Ex numerous times. Also, the two play together as Lean Left (with Andy Moor, and Paal Nilssen-Love). Yet, they didn’t play as a duo until 2014. A dozen concerts followed, and led to their first duo album ‘Scaffolding’ (Terp Records)

The last 25 years, Ken Vandermark has grown into an ever-touring, esteemed composer, improvisor, and band leader. Vandermark studied film, and is mainly self-taught. He was the one who brought Joe McPhee back into the spotlight, and he collaborated with the likes of Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson and The Ex. For years, his main outlet has been the Vandermark 5, but he has been a part of innumerable groups, either playing energetic or abstract composed music, or playing completely free.

Terrie Hessels has 40(!) years, and 2000 concerts with The Ex under his belt. He improvised with the likes of Han Bennink, Colin Stetson, Thurston Moore, Peter Zegveld, Steve Albini, Mats Gustafsson, Kaja Draksler, Jaap Blonk, etc. He runs his own label, Terp Records, and made numerous trips to Ethiopia and surrounding countries. Also, he loves animals (except dogs) and is an amateur plumber. All he needs is his guitar. A unique imagination, and a never-ending grin do the rest.

Terrie Hessels – guitar | Ken Vandermark – saxophone, clarinet

Booker Stardrum is a Los Angeles-based drummer, composer and improviser. Before moving to L.A. he was living in New York and was very active in the experimental rock and improvised music scenes. He’ll be in Amsterdam for a residency at Steim, to work on his solo music involving percussion and electronics. Booker did an exchange program to Amsterdam about 10 years ago. There he met guitarist Jasper. They played together a lot back then, and kept in touch ever since. For tonight, they team up with analog synth wizard Harpo ‘t Hart for a first time trio performance.

Harpo ‘t Hart – analog synthesizer | Jasper Stadhouders : guitar | Booker Stardrum – drums

FILIAMOTSA drummer Anthony Laguerre and G.W. Sok will present the results of their residency in Amsterdam. This project is a search for ways to express text musically, or the other way around. At this point, they don’t know where this will take them. All the more reason for us to want to find out.

G.W. Sok – voice | Anthony Laguerre – drums