Thursday, May 9, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6 / free for We Are Public members

Kruidkoek plays GarageJazz, an obscure mix of jazz, rock, and Tarantino movie sounds, with an unhealthy dose of improvisation and humour.

After two EP’s ‘Luchtig Beslag’, and ‘Kruidkoek II: Snode Plannen’, their debute album was released in the spring of 2018.

Poet Joost Oomen is not usually part of the mix, but we liked their video ‘Vruchtjes Eten’ so much, we had to ask them for a live version of the collaboration.

Joost Oomen – poetry | Nick Feenstra – saxophone | Tijmen Kooiker – guitar | Reindert Kragt – bass | Bram Knol – drums

Earswideopen is a trio (around since 2003), and it’s also their motto. It’s a ‘piano trio plus’, the plus being all sorts of electronics (hi and lo fi), found objects and incidental vocals added to the classic piano trio format.

They love free improvisation but are not afraid to sound groovy or delicate either. Influenced by both free jazz, pop, and contemporary composed music, they developed their hallmark sound on their first self-titled cd. In February 2019, they’ve released their second: EwoTV. A collection of their favorite TV theme songs. Lovingly deconstructed and improved beyond repair.

Jurriaan Berger – piano, electronics, lost&found | Felix Hildenbrand – acoustic & electric bass | Achim Heine – drums & assorted percussion