Thurday, October 3, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 euro’s (sliding scale)

The fearless expression of legendary vocalist Linda Sharrock (1947) is still impressive, maybe even more after her stroke ten years ago. She will play in de Ruimte for the first time, with two of our favourite musicians: saxophonist John Dikeman and drummer Aleksander Skoric. We start the evening with pianist Leo Svirsky who just released the outstanding album ‘River without Banks’.


Leo Svirsky(1988, USA) is a composer, improviser, pianist and accordionist living in the Hague.
His work explores how the instability of listening itself transforms the perception of musical semantics and affect. Disorientations of memory and spatial awareness are nevertheless bounded by a rootedness in song and story.
He recently released the impressive minimal solo album ‘River without Banks’, rated by Pitchfork with 8.0.

Leo Svirsky – piano

Renowned for her work with guitarist Sonny Sharrock and Pharoah Sanders fifty years ago, Linda Sharrock (1947) was one of the leading vocal musicians in the experimental jazz and avant-garde. Her impressive charisma, fearless expression and wordless stories have inspired lots of singers and other musicians
After suffering a heavy stroke she wasn’t able to talk anymore and hat to sit in a wheelchair. Three years later she re-entered the scene and toured many European countries with mostly highly expressive musicians, reclaiming the artist in herself.

Linda Sharrock – vocals / Aaron Lumley – double bass / Eric Zinman – piano / Mario Rechter – saxophones / John Dikeman – saxophone / Aleksander Skoric – drums


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