Thursday, January 2, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 euro’s (sliding scale)

Raphael Vanoli is a guitarist who defies conventions. Using subtle playing techniques from lightly touching to blowing on the strings of his instrument, the Amsterdam based composer creates harmonic sounds. He subverts the usual relationship between player and instrument. Here they become intimately entwined into a partnership of care and collaboration.

Vanoli’s solo is a primordial listening experience blurring any usable distinction between electronic and acoustic sounds. Here the old and the new entwine into a singular sonic language. Dreamy and lush chords resonate between moments of harshness, with each track radiating a natural beauty.

Raphael Vanoli – guitar

A group initiated by guitarists Andy Moor (The EX) and Jasper Stadhouders (Cactus Truck / Spinifex etc.) playing interpretations of Angolan popular guitar music from the 60s and 70s.

Andy Moor, Miguel Petruccelli & Jasper Stadhouders – guitars | Colin McLean – bass | Onno Govaert – drums | Marta Warelis – percussion

Who said globalization would bring along uniformity?! Seb el Zin’s latest cyber-oriental album proves the opposite: for our greatest joy the differences aren’t ready yet to dissolve themselves within the outstanding seamless whole. Grand Bazar provides a sound straight from the future evoking the fantasy of the Ottoman East, sumptuous and sensual like the time-engraved Byzantium.

For this artist, “Music is Politics”: started during the Gezi Park riots in Istanbul, Seb el Zin’s new album embodies the progressive rage of a youth holding on to its roots but without borders nor boundaries.
Grand Bazaar is a cry of revolt dancing against fear and division, a unifying shockwave inspiring the feeling of being alive, simply…