Thursday, February 6, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)

O.BA.O is a tightly knit group, focused on improvisation. After more than 30 years playing together, Herbert de Jonge, Chiel Dhont en Hans Houtman have developed their own musical language, a natural synthesis of American jazz and European contemporary music. In O.BA.O, rhythmic and harmonic changes are a collective effort. There is no band leader, or a need of one.

Their music is characterized by its enormous flexibility. Dynamics, tension between tonality and atonality, rubato and polyrhythmics.

In 1996(!), O.BA.O and Ab Baars recorded an album together. This encounter led to a number of joint concerts, and now, after 24 years, to a small tour. This must lead to something special.

Ab Baars – saxophone, clarinet | Herbert de Jonge – piano | Michiel Dhont – double bass | Hans Houtman – drums


The Selva is a free-improvisation unit featuring Lisbon based Ricardo Jacinto and Nuno Morão on cello and drums, and Rotterdam based Gonçalo Almeida on double-bass. Formed in 2016, their music explores the intersections between their member´s wide musical spectrums, proposing a synthesis based on a live narrative construction incorporating this multi-idiomatic approaches.Their debut album 2017 on Clean Feed has been followed by their most recent work Canicula Rosa (2019) under the same label.

Ricardo Jacinto – cello + electronics | Gonçalo Almeida – double bass | Nuno Morão – drums