Thursday, October 24, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18, tickets at the door



“An ambitious work that crosses musical and cultural boundaries, Where the Fence is Highest heralds the arrival of a gifted composer-guitarist.” – Mark Werlin, AllAboutJazz
“An absolutely daring and striking debut of a modest but thorough guitarist.” – Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo


Fuensanta Méndez – vocals | Alistair Payne – trumpet | José Soares – alto sax | Teis Semey – guitar, compositions | Jort Terwijn – double bass | Sun Mi Hong – drums


“There is a way of walking in the woods, not along trails, but by following the natural openings in the underbrush. Leaving the path, a wanderer enters into slow, sometimes difficult negotiations with the forest. The way forward is circuitous and occasionally confusing. An opening does not remain open for long. Thick trees, rocks, and wetlands bring changes in course. You push through curtain after curtain of branches and vines, half-lost, cut up by thorns and feeding the horse flies. Sometimes in these moments, the forest will offer up a revelation: it could be the sound of an owl flying under the canopy or maybe light catches steam rising from the phosphorescent moss that covers the ground. It could be many things. It is something new, a phenomenon that you’ve never experienced before. Yet what has been revealed is something older than anything you can really wrap your mind around. A moment like this can wake you up from where you think you’re going or wherever you’ve been before. At this moment you no longer stand apart from what is all around. Then you see that you’re standing in a clearing and at the edge there is a break in some of the branches. You step through and keep going.

For me, making Wilderness was a similar kind of experience. One or two pieces started with a simple idea that I had worked with beforehand but most began with just my double bass in the room: playing, listening, reflecting, responding. I am interested in exploring certain types of tone, texture and structure but there is also input from the instrument, the space’s acoustics, limitations of the body and my own subconscious. At times, this tangle of elements yields revelations: inspiration to play past the point where I am completely in control or know exactly what I’m doing. These moments reveal unseen pathways into new sonic territories, new techniques and unknown parts of myself.”

Aaron Lumley plays the doghouse bass LP (2019) – new record coming soon!

Aaron Lumley – double bass