Sunday Space Impro XL: Rosaly/Terrie EX + ZEA/Austbo + Andy Moor Solo + De Backer/Emmeluth

Doors open 15:30, music 16:00 sharp, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can), tickets for sale at the door or online here.

An afternoon with three very diverse powerful duo’s and one solo performance, serving us a whole spectrum of improvised music with influences of punk-rock, experimental jazz, improv and world.

At 19.00: Dinner by John Pastinaak

Dinner (10€)
Smoked potato salad with lemon and celery, with a Italian pumpkin-sage frittata

Frank Rosaly is an American drummer, composer and sound designer After 15 years of elaborate musical exploration in Chicago, Frank moved to Amsterdam in 2016 to further develop his musical approach in a new environment. He is active in a wide range of bands and also doing solo projects. 

Terrie Ex is the guitarist of the legendary punk-rock band The Ex. For years, Terrie has been exploring the boundaries of both improvised music and his own instrument.

Together Frank Rosaly and Terrie Ex form an unpredictable, exciting duo.

Terrie Ex – guitar | Frank Rosaly – drums, percussion

Zea is a solo performance from Arnold de Boer (Amsterdam, NL) deploying guitar and sampler for an almighty bout of intense and high energy songs. Urgent lyrics over guitar, roughshod beats and grimy bass lines. Zea makes fat-free music with no words wasted; joyfully obstinate, wonderfully bonkers. For more than fifteen years Zea has been playing all over the world.

Harald Austbø is a jazz cellist. He is active in the Amsterdam jazz & improv scene, plays in several bands, acts and composes for music theater productions. He improvises exuberantly and with humor. Every now and then you are put into rest by a lyrical stroking moment, but a little later it goes completely loose again rhythmically and otherwise.

Harald Austbø – voice, cello | ZEA – guitar, voice, electronics

Another band member of The Ex in the house today: guitarist Andy Moor. Moor’s own background is rooted in the post-punk Britain of the 1980s, but over the years he has collaborated with many musicians from varied backgrounds and disciplines. Like the other band members of the The Ex Andy Moor & his playing is characterized by versatility & openness.

Andy Moor – guitar

Hanne de Backer is an Antwerp saxophonist and theater performer. Hanne wants to use the impact of music and performance without being limited by boundaries or styles.

Signe Emmeluth is a Danish saxophone player and composer, currently based in Oslo. Emmeluth has lately become a rising voice of improvised music in the Nordic countries. Her playing has been characterised as “provocative, mind blowing and emotionally engaging.”

 Emmeluth and De Backer will make an album together this spring, this afternoon we can already enjoy their powerful collaboration.

Signe Emmeluth – tenor sax | Hanne de Backer – baritone sax 

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, VSB Fonds en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.