Friday, March 22, 21:30, entrance € 6

Guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and saxophone player John Dikeman are out of town, but the remaining four member of Bacchanalia are aching to play! They invited drummer Aleksandar Škorić and saxphone player Natalio Sued for a night that starts with a drum trio and evolves into a party night with the steaming psychedelic cumbia that you know from Bacchanalia. There will be a lot of space for improvisation on the stage, so don’t hesitate to throw down your weirdest dance moves.

The drummers of Bacchanalia team up with Groningen based drummer Aleksandar Škorić to get you pumped up and ready to dance.

Aleksandar Škorić – Drums | Onno Govaert – Drums | Tristan Renfrow – Drums

The most scarcely dressed band in town is back in De Ruimte to make you sweat.

Natalio Sued – Saxophone | Nicolas Chientarolli – Keys | Miguel Petrucelli – Bass guitar | Tristan Renfrow – Drums | Onno Govaert – Drums