Friday, October 11, doors open: 20:30, entrance fee: €7, all door sales go to the artists!

Geregeld Ontregeld presents:


Unique soundscapes and experimental electronic music at De Ruimte.

Formed in 2016 DAIMON is the trio of Nicola Quiriconi (VipCancro, Lisca Records), Paolo Monti (The Star Pillow) and Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C., Dream Weapon Ritual, Hidden Reverse, A Sphere Of Simple Green, Candor Chasma, Kirlian Camera, etc.). Devoted to a vibrant and majestic personal form of drone music, DAIMON are exploring new depths as well as highly dynamic soundscapes that will surround you with their overwhelming sense of fluttering memories.

In 2017 they toured across Europe, being also the opening act for the two sold-out concerts of William Basinski in Berlin. In October 2018 they did an Italian tour, from south to north, together with the cult british band :zoviet*france: In October 2019 they will release the new album “Remedies For A Foggy Day” for the Dutch label Norwegianism Recordings, presenting it at Hans Festival III in Diepenheim (NL) and in a Dutch mini tour.

 DAIMON (Metzger Therapie 2017)
 Dust (Silentes 2018)
 Remedies For A Foggy Day (Norwegianism Records 2019)

Maria Carlas (IT) and Mylo Cywitz (NL) have teamed up recently to perform shows and record an album. They have performed all over Europe separately as solo artists and in groups.
Maria Carlas brings her operatic voice and impulsive key work to Mylo Cywitz no wave classical industrial compositions. Live they have a costumed show with a lit music stand, accompanying visuals playing obscure mini synths, xylophone and mandolin. Together they have been performing in Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.