Space is the Place: Las Tripas + Pascuale Calo Quartet + Hoogland/Vitols/Colocci/Renfrow
okt 17 @ 8:30 pm
Thursday, October 17, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18, tickets at the door

This quartet is a collection of improvisers with different approaches and backgrounds.

Misha Marks has been fixture of the Mexico City soundscape since emigrating there from New Zealand in 2008. He extracts a surprising gamut of sounds through traditional guitaristic approaches as well as extended techniques that probe the physicality of the instrument and its sound-producing capabilities.

Catalan reedsman Don Malfon has developed a unique voice on alto and baritone saxophones, with a broad scope that embraces harmolodic exploration and reaches the outer limits of timbral inquiry.

Emilio Gordoa is a Mexican composer, percussionist and vibraphonist based in Berlin since 2012. Emilio is specially focus in sound art, experimental music, noise, free jazz, improvisation and contemporary music.

Miriam den Boer is a violinist and improvisor based in Amsterdam. Miriam combines the different worlds she finds into a new language through both previously and instant compositions, including influences of new contemporary music and curious collaborations with visual artists, searching for the sounds physicality, shape and colour.

Misha Marks – guitar | Alfonso Muñoz – alto, baritone saxophone | Miriam Den Boer Salmón – violin | Emilio Gordoa – percussion


A New Story to Tell is a project written by the italian saxophonist and composer Pasquale Calò, who’s an active musician in the international scene of Jazz and improvised music. The group’s sound is a melting pot of jazz, rock, ambient, alternating between moments of free improvisation.

Pasquale Calò II – tenor saxophone | Rodrigo Girafa – electric guitar | David Macchione – double bass | Alessandro Campobasso – drums | Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone

Semi electric band initiated by double bass player Uldis Vītols, a well known young musician in the Amsterdam scene, who just moved to Copenhagen

Lorenzo Colocci – flutes | Oscar Jan Hoogland – electric clavichord | Uldis Vītols – double bass | Tristan Renfrow – drums

The Tribe ADE | Family Hangout
okt 18 @ 8:00 am – okt 19 @ 3:00 am

Friday, October 18, 8:00-3:00

❥ ADE Hangout, a Friday for friends and family.

❥ TICKETS A 15,- AT THE DOOR (pin only). Come early to secure your spot!

Anthea & Oshana
Blithesome Sprouts
Children of Valis
Christoffer & Nicholas (Zaza & Doris Nicholas)
Giammarco Orsini
Mark Antoni
Micha Lensink

⋆ 50 presale tickets a €13,- (sold out)
⋆ 75 doorsale tickets a €15,- (pin only)

Bloody Mary Sunrise – Veldwerk Invites: Special Guest (IT)
okt 20 @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Sunday, October 20, 8:30-14:30

❥ ADE Hangout, a Friday for friends and family.

❥ TICKETS A 15,- AT THE DOOR (pin only). Come early to secure your spot!

Anthea & Oshana
Blithesome Sprouts
Children of Valis
Christoffer & Nicholas (Zaza & Doris Nicholas)
Giammarco Orsini
Mark Antoni
Micha Lensink

⋆ 50 presale tickets a €13,- (sold out)
⋆ 75 doorsale tickets a €15,- (pin only)

Space is the Place: Teis Semey Sextet + Aaron Lumley solo
okt 24 @ 8:30 pm

Thursday, October 24, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18, tickets at the door



“An ambitious work that crosses musical and cultural boundaries, Where the Fence is Highest heralds the arrival of a gifted composer-guitarist.” – Mark Werlin, AllAboutJazz
“An absolutely daring and striking debut of a modest but thorough guitarist.” – Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo


Fuensanta Méndez – vocals | Alistair Payne – trumpet | José Soares – alto sax | Teis Semey – guitar, compositions | Jort Terwijn – double bass | Sun Mi Hong – drums


“There is a way of walking in the woods, not along trails, but by following the natural openings in the underbrush. Leaving the path, a wanderer enters into slow, sometimes difficult negotiations with the forest. The way forward is circuitous and occasionally confusing. An opening does not remain open for long. Thick trees, rocks, and wetlands bring changes in course. You push through curtain after curtain of branches and vines, half-lost, cut up by thorns and feeding the horse flies. Sometimes in these moments, the forest will offer up a revelation: it could be the sound of an owl flying under the canopy or maybe light catches steam rising from the phosphorescent moss that covers the ground. It could be many things. It is something new, a phenomenon that you’ve never experienced before. Yet what has been revealed is something older than anything you can really wrap your mind around. A moment like this can wake you up from where you think you’re going or wherever you’ve been before. At this moment you no longer stand apart from what is all around. Then you see that you’re standing in a clearing and at the edge there is a break in some of the branches. You step through and keep going.

For me, making Wilderness was a similar kind of experience. One or two pieces started with a simple idea that I had worked with beforehand but most began with just my double bass in the room: playing, listening, reflecting, responding. I am interested in exploring certain types of tone, texture and structure but there is also input from the instrument, the space’s acoustics, limitations of the body and my own subconscious. At times, this tangle of elements yields revelations: inspiration to play past the point where I am completely in control or know exactly what I’m doing. These moments reveal unseen pathways into new sonic territories, new techniques and unknown parts of myself.”

Aaron Lumley plays the doghouse bass LP (2019) – new record coming soon!

Aaron Lumley – double bass

Ditdit-dada-ditdit – Oktober
okt 25 @ 7:00 pm

Vrijdag 25 oktober, 19:00, entree € 12,50 / entree + driegangendiner € 29

Een innige verstrengeling van diner, dans, muziek, poëzie en theater. Een avond waarin een kakelvers seizoensgebonden diner en performances één worden. Slechts € 16,50 voor drie gangen en 12,50 voor alle optredens. Laat de kok op tijd weten als je komt!
A tight embrace of food, dance, music, (Dutch) poetry and theatre. € 16,50 for three courses and 12,50 for all the performances. An evening where a great, season based dinner and performances become one. Please contact the chef on time!


19:00: deuren open / eerste gang
19:30: aanvang eerste performance

DINER: Tim Sprangers / John Pastinaak
Zoals altijd kookt tim met groenten, kruiden en fruit van het seizoen en het liefst uit moestuinen in Amsterdam-Noord.

VOOR Herfstsalade van aardperen, appelbalsamicostroop en biet
HOOFD Geroosterde bloemkool op boterzachte puree, biologische pompoen en amandelen
NA In rozenwater geblancheerde appel met citroenyoghurt

MUZIEK: Oğuz Büyükberber (basklarinet)
De bezwerende muziek van deze basklarinettist is een amalgaam van hedendaagse muziek, jazz en invloeden van zijn Turkse achtergrond. De mensen met wie Oğuz samenwerkte is indrukwekkend, zoals John Zorn, Butch Morris, Simon Nabatov en het Kairos String Quartet. Zijn platen kwamen onder meer uit bij ECM en Blue Note. Hij is een bijzondere spil in de Amsterdamse muziekscene waar hij in verschillende werelden een belangrijke rol speelt.

MUZIEK: Joost Buis (trombone) en Felicity Provan (trompet en zang)
Deze twee hartgrondige muzikanten zijn al decennia veel initiërende en gevraagde muzikanten in de jazzscene van Amsterdam. Beiden speelden vaker in de Ruimte tijdens de Space is the Place serie, maar niet eerder als duo. In het spel van zowel Joost als Felicity klinkt de zucht naar avontuur, met kinderlijke fantasie, vrolijkheid en speelsheid, maar ook met ernst en bloedmooie klanken. Het elkaar goed aanvoelen vormt de basis van een goede improvisatie.

Laura Mentink is toneelspeler, schrijver en maker. Ze studeerde in 2007 af aan de Arnhemse Toneelschool en speelde o.a. bij NT Gent, Hotel Modern, Bonheur, ’t Barre Land en Maatschappij Discordia. Voor Ditdit-dada-ditdit maakt ze een theatrale performance van teksten van haar hand.

Space is the Place Festival – Sunday afternoon
okt 27 @ 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Thursday, October 27, door open 17.00, first performance: 17.30, entrance €6-18 sliding scale, tickets at the door

An richly filled afternoon festival presenting young and old heroes of the adventurous music scene from Amsterdam and abroad.

At least every Thursday night, SPACE is the PLACE organizes concerts featuring national and international adventurous bands and musicians These concerts take place in De Ruimte and the Bimhuis. The series has a focus on improvised music, but is not limited to it. This festival showcases many of the directions Space is the Place has taken in the past.


GUY SALAMON (drums) / TEIS SEMEY (guitar) / ALISTAIR PAYNE (trumpet)

MICHAEL VATCHER (percussion) / WILBERT DE JOODE (double bass)

YURI LANDMAN (self made instruments)

ANDRIUS DEREVIANCENKO (tenor saxophone) solo

THE ZEBRA STREET BAND (Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone/sousaphone | Andrius Dereviancenko – tenor saxophone | Alistair Payne – trumpet | John Dikeman – tenor saxophone | Onno Govaert – percussion | Fabio Galeazzi – percussion)

MANU LOUIS (voice / electronics)


Space is the Place: Koning/Ex/Renfrow + Pia Reš solo + Seashell3
okt 31 @ 8:30 pm

Thursday, October 31, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale), tickets at the door


Annelie Koning – voice | Luc Ex – baritone guitar | Tristan Renfrow – drums


Structures for solo saxophone; aiming to deepen the perception of sound, time and space with conscious practice of undisturbed subconscious flow.


SEAShell3 is a new Amsterdam-based trio that fuses the sound and spirit of Mediterranean folk music with wild free improvisations and electro-acoustic psychedelia. Born out of the experimental solo work of Sicilian percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Vincenzo AcquAria Castellana, SEAShell3 also includes Sicilian trombonist/multi-instrumentalist Salvoandrea Lucifora and Canadian double bassist Aaron Lumley. In SEAShell3’s music, churning groove and fragments of melodies dissolve into rich soundscapes in ways that are evocative of an ancient past while being, contemporary, relentlessly progressive.

Vincenzo Castellana – voice, shells, electronics | Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone | Aaron Lumley – double bass

Space is the Place: Rodrigo Amado ‘This is our language’ 4tet + Kalfa/Warelis/Ekincioglu
nov 1 @ 8:30 pm

Friday, November 1, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18, tickets at the door

This quartet, one of Rodrigo Amado’s pivotal projects, unites the Portuguese saxophonist with legendary horn player Joe McPhee, Chicago double-bassist Kent Kessler and young drum star Chris Corsano. Together they are taking Amado’s credo to “compose in real time” to new heights, bringing the universes of free improvisation and composed jazz closer together. This is music by four strong individual players with room for eruptive solo-parts, but always held together by intense communication and interwoven with beautiful melodies.

The quartet’s second album A History of Nothing (Trost records) got a huge number of very excited reviews. A superb quartet outing. The music is all improvised, but it’s firmly rooted in jazz, with superb interaction between all of the players, both on ripping, high-velocity blowouts and more delicate forays. (Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader)

Freedom is clearly a responsibility as well as a joy, and it’s emphasized here by the group’s shared commitment: each musician is constantly working in two directions, stretching further and creating cohesion. The music is improvised with such an ear to complementary detail that it’s literally being collectively composed. (Stuart Broomer, Free Jazz Collective)
Together, this quartet is dynamite. It’s exciting to hear a European musician along with three Americans, and notice that they communicate so well. (Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts)
Fantastic modern free jazz by a super group that really works. Both impressive and touching. (Joachim Nyberg, Soundofmusic)

Rodrigo Amado saxophone | Joe McPhee – saxophone, pocket trumpet | Kent Kessler – double bass | Chris Corsano – drums

A promising new trio, that debuted during the last edition of the Zomerjazzfietstour. Compositions, improvisation, electronics, these three know how to captivate an audience, and we can’t wait to see them perform.

Sanem Kalfa – vocals, electronics | Marta Warelis – piano | Esat Ekincioğlu – double bass

Space is the Place: Ragan Kang quintet + Fade In trio
nov 7 @ 8:30 pm

Thursday, November 7, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18, tickets at the door


Formed in 2018, by Amsterdam based trombonist, Ragan Kang, in pursuit of creating music that evokes the memory of his childhood. Kang’s music is influenced heavily by 20th Century Classical
composers such as Olivier Messiaen, Igor Stravinsky and Samuel Barber. His music also draws ideas from artists such as Craig Taborn, David Binney, Ambrose Akinmusire, Mark Turner, Ben van
Gelder, Reinier Baas and Nils Wogram. Along with the influence of these artists, Kang fiddles with the concept of Microtones along with traditional bebop jazz.

This group features some of the most promising young jazz musicians residing in Amsterdam, with various backgrounds.

Ragan Kang – trombone | Alistair Payne – Trumpet | Adrian Moncada – piano | JeongHwan Lee – bass | Nick Thessalonikefs – drums



Fade In Trio plays original creative music, striving for a provocating artistic identity. By the combination of spontaneous improvisations with predetermined structures and melodies, the trio creates moments of pure interaction and dramatic energy. Fade In Trio is very active both in the Netherlands and Italy; it has recently performed in Umbria Jazz Festival and Fara Music Festival. They are among the winners of the René Arons International Improvisation Competition held in Antwerp in February 2019.
Federico Calcagno – bass clarinet, clarinet | Pietro Elia Barcellona – double bass | Marco Luparia – drums, objects
Space is the Place: Les Marquises + Moore/La Berge/Ku
nov 14 @ 8:30 pm

Thursday, November 14, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 sliding scale


Chicago (USA) based intermedia artist Ted Moore joins local performers Anne La Berge (flute and electronics) and Yung-Tuan Ku (percussion) for an evening of electroacoustic free improv on his European tour. Playing trio for the first time, these musicians will combine their unique sound worlds to create gestures, textures, and forms that are noisy, delicate, loud, soft, and everything in between. Yung-Tuan and Ted met in 2018 when they performed together as part of Steim’s Connector series and made some recordings that are on a forthcoming record. Ted and Anne will be sharing the stage for the first time after meeting at a live electronics event in Chicago. This is an exciting opportunity for these three voices to come together! On this tour, Ted’s electronic improv instrument consists of custom live-processing software, analog hardware synths, and no-input mixer.

Ted Moore – live electronics | Anne La Berge – flute and live electronics | Yung-Tuan Ku – percussion

Les Marquises is a duo with Emilie Škrijelj on accordion and turntables and Tom Malmendier on drums. They met during the creation of the quartet ‘Nuits’ and are both members of the big ensemble ‘Dreieck Interférences Ensemble’ in France. They released their first album on La Belle Borgne and are currently mixing their second one.

Emilie Škrijelj – accordion, turntables | Tom Malmendier – drums