Space is the Place: Cene, Torbjorn & Frank
jan 23 @ 9:00 pm

Thursday, January 23, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)

This new international collaboration, spearheaded by Cene Resnik, stems from a shared fascination with the sublime through process of improvisation in music, and the deep questions that arise in that process. The three share a relationship to Buddhism, meditation and/or rigorous spiritual practice. Cene, Torbjorn and Frank see this collaboration as an opportunity to further explore acceptance, emptiness and deep intention behind each gesture. Can such an intention transmit through music? ya feel me?

Each member is busy with soul principles of music making, but from different sources. One of our hopes is to find glimpses of sublimity, and that these moments can be transmitted to the listener.

Cene Resnik (SLO) – tenor/soprano saxophone | Torbjörn Zetterberg (SW) – double bass | Frank Rosaly (US) – drums


Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – synthesizer | Jochem Van Tol – synthesizer

Patty Gorilla + Sunday Kids
jan 25 @ 8:30 pm – jan 26 @ 2:00 am

Saturday, January 25, start music 21:00, entrance free

American psych meets British garage




Other Futures in Space / Feat Laura Huertas Millán
jan 26 @ 7:30 pm – jan 27 @ 12:00 am

Sunday, January 26, 19:30, entrance 7,50 / dinner 12,50

Other Futures is proud to host filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán in collaboration with De Ruimte. Come enjoy the screening of two beautiful short films, Aequador (2012) and Journey to a land otherwise known (2011) introduced by Laura Huertas Millán herself.

Afterwards there will be room for a Q&A with the filmmaker, Colombian food, and music by an artist TBA.

Laura Huertas Millán (1983) is a French-based Colombian filmmaker and artist. Her work has been internationally screened in venues such as Centre Pompidou and the Guggenheim Museum (NY). She will visit The Netherlands for the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), but will make a special detour to bring you an unforgettable evening in De Ruimte.

Want a taste of space? For only €12,50, De Ruimte will prepare a vegetarian Colombian meal for you to enjoy. Please let us know in advance whether you plan on eating in.

Space is the Place: Omelette + Gjerstad/Unternährer/Rosaly
jan 30 @ 9:00 pm

Thursday, January 30, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)

This new collaboration began as a conversation between Frode and Frank while on tour with Bobby Bradford and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten in the United States in 2014. Frode was curious about playing with a tuba player, and Frank quickly suggested Swiss Tubist, Marc Unternährer. Some years passed, but the band was already set in our minds.

After nearly 6 years of attempts, 2020 will mark the band’s first meetings, starting in Amsterdam in late January 2020:

Frode Gjerstad – reeds | Marc Unternährer – tuba | Frank Rosaly – drums

Omelette is a repertoire band. They only play pieces by Ornette Coleman, a musician that needs no further introduction. They focus on his more obscure compositions, from the ’70s and ’80s, mainly from Ornette’s group Prime Time. But some of the standards might make an appearance.

Omelette treats the compositions as a starting point for their improvisations. In no way they try to recreate the music, this is definitely not a cover band. Ornette’s compositions work particularly well when they’re interpreted in new and wayward ways.

Tobias Klein – alto sax | Jeroen Kimman – electric guitar & bass guitar | Jasper Stadhouders – bass guitar & acoustic guitar | Tristan Renfrow – drums

Impro Jam
feb 2 @ 9:00 pm

Music starts 21:00, audience €6 / participants €3

Jam session created for practicing, exploration, growth, development, exchange and enjoyment of free improvisation and experimental music.


Space is the Place: OBAO ft Ab Baars + The Selva
feb 6 @ 9:00 pm

Thursday, February 6, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)

O.BA.O is a tightly knit group, focused on improvisation. After more than 30 years playing together, Herbert de Jonge, Chiel Dhont en Hans Houtman have developed their own musical language, a natural synthesis of American jazz and European contemporary music. In O.BA.O, rhythmic and harmonic changes are a collective effort. There is no band leader, or a need of one.

Their music is characterized by its enormous flexibility. Dynamics, tension between tonality and atonality, rubato and polyrhythmics.

In 1996(!), O.BA.O and Ab Baars recorded an album together. This encounter led to a number of joint concerts, and now, after 24 years, to a small tour. This must lead to something special.

Ab Baars – saxophone, clarinet | Herbert de Jonge – piano | Michiel Dhont – double bass | Hans Houtman – drums


The Selva is a free-improvisation unit featuring Lisbon based Ricardo Jacinto and Nuno Morão on cello and drums, and Rotterdam based Gonçalo Almeida on double-bass. Formed in 2016, their music explores the intersections between their member´s wide musical spectrums, proposing a synthesis based on a live narrative construction incorporating this multi-idiomatic approaches.Their debut album 2017 on Clean Feed has been followed by their most recent work Canicula Rosa (2019) under the same label.

Ricardo Jacinto – cello + electronics | Gonçalo Almeida – double bass | Nuno Morão – drums
Space is the Place: Farida Amadou and friends
feb 9 @ 9:00 pm

Sunday, February 9, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)

Farida Amadou (1989) is a self taught bass player based in Liège, Belgium. She started to play acoustic guitar by listening a lot of rock bands from the nineties and she plays the electric bass, her main instrument since 2011.In 2013, she has started to play a lot of different musical genres, including blues, jazz and hip-hop. The same year, she had a big interest in improvised music when she met L’Oeil Kollectif members and started to play with percussionist/drummer Tom Malmendier. Nystagmus duo was born in late 2014.

Since 2014, she has performed with many musicians all over Europe, including Linda Sharrock, Mario Rechtern, Balasz Pandi, Karl H. Bjora, Jasper Stadhouders, Onno Govaert, Eve Risser, Morgane Carnet, Philippe Lemoine, Timothée Quost, Julien Desprez, Olivier Benoit, Anil Eraslan, Mette Rasmussen, Basile Naudet, Chris Pitsiokos, Alex Ward, and Thurston Moore, …

On this night, she will be joined on stage by members of the vibrant Amsterdam improv scene in different combinations, including Ada Rave, Joost Buis, Terrie Ex, and Onno Govaert.

Space is the Place: Iris + Giuseppe Campisi group + Into the Wind
feb 13 @ 9:00 pm

Thursday, February 13, music starts 21:00, entrance €6-18 (sliding scale)


Acoustic and electric bass player, composer and arranger Giuseppe Campisi grew up in the countryside of Sicily. In a small town of farmers, he chose to pursue music: a journey that led him to the United States, Amsterdam and Barcelona and that continues to this day.

You can take a boy out of Sicily but you can’t take Sicily out of the boy. That is evident in the music of Giuseppe, which sparkles with Sicilian colors amidst other evident influences, ranging wide from jazz and free improvised music to rock and grunge from the late 90’s.
A deep work of research on his roots and on the music from his homeland has led him into re-purposing this material in a fresh and modern way.

On his journey, Giuseppe has proven himself as a composer of sizeable talent, acting as a catalyst for his environment. His band is a group of international musicians, and it is one of the many modern testaments to the fact that music has no borders.

Giuseppe Campisi – bass, compositions and arrangements | Teis Semey: guitar | Jasper Blom – saxophone | Youngwoo Lee: piano | Lluís Naval: drums
+ special guests!


A Piano/Drums duo that explores the sonorities of musical states.

Iris aims at challenging the concepts of development and form suggesting a distinctive way of listening and experiencing the materiality of music.

The repertoire is based on musical images and descriptions, touching the soul of the spectator in a unique, meditative way.”

Emanuele Pellegrini – Piano | Giacomo Camilletti – Drums

Into the Wind explores the interplay of stillness and space with spirited wonder. A single note left ringing into silence, a gently struck chord hanging in the air, a fervent wail or a distant howl all arise out of patient concentration, inviting the listener to listen into each little sound.

Andrius Dereviancenko – saxophone | Robin Engelhard – guitar

SPACE IS THE PLACE ft. Doek: Merde… l’Amour!
feb 14 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Friday, February 14, 21:00 – 23:00, € 8



The second Friday of every month at De Ruimte is a two-stage rocket: from 21:00 to 23:00 dOeK and Space Is The Place present live music from the dOeK network. After that, the party-party starts with the wildest live music in town!

21:00 – 23:00 Space is the Place ft. Doek – € 8
23:00 – 03:00 Second Stop is Jupiter – € 6
€ 10 combined ticket

2nd Stop is Jupiter – Merde l’Amour
feb 14 @ 11:00 pm – feb 15 @ 3:00 am

Friday, February 14, 23:00 – 03:00, € 6


The second Friday of every month at De Ruimte is a two-stage rocket: from 21:00 to 23:00 dOeK and Space Is The Place present two live acts. After that, the party-party starts with the wildest live music in town!

21:00 – 23:00 Space is the Place ft. Doek – € 8
23:00 – 03:00 Second Stop is Jupiter – € 6
€ 10 combined ticket

Valentine’s edition, curated by Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – voice | Oscar Jan Hoogland – analogue synth | Thijs Elzinga – electric guitar | Joep Bollinger – bass | Marcos Baggiani – drums

After your first stop of friday evening concerts, theater shows, birthday parties or movie visits come to De Ruimte for your second stop: After midnight dancing to the wildest live music in town! One thing is for sure every second friday: The Second Stop is Jupiter!