Let’s talk about food waste and what we can do about it!

DE RUIMTE, Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network, and Zephyr Social and Environmental Enterprises are bringing the issue of food waste to the heart of Amsterdam-Noord.

People and organizations dedicated to reducing food waste will tell you about their ideas and experiences. After dinner, we invite you to join in the discussion, to get us thinking of local solutions we can try together. So join us 6-10PM. Feel welcome to stay, talk, and have a drink afterwards.

This event is part of a threesome, every first Sunday of the month during July, August, and September. Let’s plan the other two together during the first one. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas and brainstorm with us.

1. Introduction by Coby Zephyr Babani (FSE Network NL)
2. Inspiring stories by food waste initiatives:
a. Robert Orzana – “Food Waste in Households”.
b. Roel Raterink – “BuurtBuik Noord?”
c. Luana (Lua NaNa) – “Taste Before You Waste
d. Eva van Dijk – FoodSharing.nl
3. Dinner
4. Discussion and brainstorm
5. Drinks

Dinner will be provided by Parojo Island Foods. Parojo cooks vegan-friendly, affordable food every Sunday at De Ruimte.

We can only serve a limited amount of people (and we don’t like to waste food ), so reservation is recommended, if you want to be sure there’ll be a meal for you. Please send an e-mail to info@cafederuimte.nl.