03-02 Hudaki Village Band + Akula Rhythm Band

Hudaki Village Band + Akula Rythm Band + DJ De Pickup Trucker

Saturday, February 3, 22:00, € 10



22:00 Hudaki Village Band
HUDAKI from Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine is famous of the dance by the emotional and sensitive melodies which never loose its local roots. Hudaki will take you to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine with folk songs of love and treason. Katya and Olya’s voices will touch your soul. The musicians on violin, sopilka (shepherds flute), taragot, bayan, dulcimers and double bass invite for dancing.

23:30 Akula Rhythm Band
Akula Rhythm Band takes you on a trip to the sacred mask dances and voodoo ceremonies of West Africa. With themes that draw on traditional folklore, Akula Rhythm Band has a raw and heavy groovin’ sound that sets itself apart from the much lighter and high-spirited highlife & afrobeat. Undoubtedly, The Akula Rhythm Band’s gonna make you shake your hips and dance on hypnotic rhythms, echo-drenched guitars, fuzz organs and enchanting melodies deeply rooted in 1970s Africa.

After the concerts, DJ De Pickup Trucker spins the most danceable records from his vast collection of Colombian Cumbia, Indonesian pop, qawwals from Pakistan, Bollywoodfunk etc.