16-12 Santa Fé + Lewsberg + DJ’s

Santa Fé + Lewsberg + DJ’s

Saturday, December 16, music starts 22:00, € 6


Rotterdam band making rudimentary, repetitive rock songs with a careless intensity. The band is named after writer Robert Loesberg, known from his novel ‘Enige Defecten’ from 1974. Which links to their biggest inspiration: the counterculture and big city cynicism of the 60s and 70s. Their lyrics, English sung with a strong Rotterdam accent, show a knack for existentialism and black humor.

Groningen band with a wilful psychedelic sound: Acapulco Sadcore. They have released 3 EP’s (‘Santa Fé’ (2014), ‘Maneki Neko’ (2015), ‘Get Well Soon’ (2016)) and a single ‘Children’ released in 2015 by the American label Burger Records. The new album is coming in 2018 and is preceded by the single ‘Way Too Soon’.

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