19-11 All Strings

SPACE IS THE PLACE: 14th All Strings Night

Monday, November 19, 20:30, € 5

Guitarist Henk Zwerver, bass player Raoul van der Weide and violinist Jacob Plooij present: New Handicaps All Strings Pool. A night of free acoustic string improvisation by top musicians from the Amsterdam improv scene and beyond. Improvising in trios, sextets and tutti – all free, all acoustic.


The players:
piano: Marta Warelis, Il Hoon Son
bass: Gediminas Stepanavičius, Pietro Elia Barcellona
cello: Pau Sola Masafrets, Dan Gibson, Raoul van der Weide
viola: Mara Tieles Cutié
violin: Geerte de Koe
guitar: Miguel Petruccelli, Henk Zwerver, Paul Pallesen
voice: Björk Níelsdóttir, Laura Polence, Jodi Gilbert, Vilbjorg Broch

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