24-01 SOIRÉE CROQUETTE: Spinvis + Saartje van Camp

SOIRÉE CROQUETTE (nº 2): Spinvis / Saartje van Camp

Tuesday, January 24, 17:30, entrance (concert + three croquettes) € 18,50


After a great first edition elsewhere, Luc Ex brings his Soirée Croquette concept to De Ruimte: an intimate matinee concert followed by culinary croquettes, made by our John Pastinaak-cook Tim Sprangers and Luc – who is a passionate croquette-evangelist – himself!

18:30 Concert
19:30 Croquettes


The connection between Dutch song wizard Erik de Jong a.k.a. Spinvis and cellist Saartje van Camp is an old and close one. Van Camp has played in Spinvis’ live band since 2003 and is featured prominently on most of his albums. Lately they have been explicitly as a duo: in 2014 they made the ‘opera’ Kintsukuroi and in 2015 they did the duo tour Oogcontact van de eenzaamste soort. Now they reunite for a special intimate solo show before embarking on a new all-band theatre tour Trein Vuur Dageraad.

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