Space is the Place: Michael Vatcher solo + Sean Hamilton solo + Podgornik/DKummer duo

Thursday, November 8, music starts 21:00, € 8 / students € 5

California native Michael Vatcher, quickly progressed from hitting household furniture to taking vibraphone and snare drum lessons as a child. In California, he played with reedist Michael Moore, with whom Vatcher has had a long musical relationship, John Handy, and Terry Gibbs. After spending a year in New York City, Vatcher moved to Holland in 1981.

Since arriving in Holland, Vatcher has played with such groups as the Tristan Honsinger Sextet, the Martin Altena Ensemble, John Zorn, The Ex, Roof (with Phil Minton, Tom Cora, and Luc Ex), and Van Dyke Parks. Vatcher is also a regular accompanist with the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, and has an ongoing musical relationship with dancers Katie Duck and Eileen Standley.

Since he moved to New York in 2017, we haven’t seen enough of his inventive, unpredictable style of playing, so it’s an honour to have him back on our stage, even if it is just for a little while.

Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, and improviser whose interests primarily lie in the conjunctions of new music, electroacoustic music, free improvisation, experimental music, and interdisciplinary projects.

Sean presents his solo drum set and electronics project, which features improvised compositions written to explore the symbiotic possibilities between acoustic and electronic sounds. The works utilize electronics programmed in Pure Data that primarily create content by “listening to” or processing the sounds of the acoustic drums through microphones on the kit, or by creating their own “improvised” material generated through the use of random numbers. Because the acoustic and the electronic are improvised, each performance of the work is inherently different and will never again be recreated verbatim.

The duo revolves around a through-composed, length-evolving piece aiming to distort one’s notion of time and space.
Utilizing a large panel of extended techniques, by means of repetitive melodic items and relentless ostinati, the music merges raw expressivity and stasis.

Pia Podgornik – alto saxophone | Tancrède DKummer – drums, percussion