Vialka + Fusée Dorée + Jervaas

Saturday, May 2, first concert 20:30, €7

On May 2nd, DE RUIMTE offers you a pocket opera, abstract triphop and eclectic improvisation, with performances by Vialka, Fusée Dorée, and Jervaas.

Vialka – the musical-romantic partnership of Marylise Frecheville and Eric Boros – use the format of an anarcho-leaning rock group as a starting point for musical and geographic exploration. From their base in rural France, the pair approach music as a “social scientific experiment”.

A glimpse of their questing nature comes with new album À l’Abri des Regards Indiscrets, the recorded document of a so-called pocket opera about a married couple whose dinner times are plagued by stormy exchange. The format excises a key element of Vialka’s signature sound, Frecheville’s dynamic, free-spirited drumming. Instead, percussion comes via more unusual sources: stomped feet, handclaps and face slaps, the rattle of cutlery on china. Boros’s dextrous guitar parts recall something of the Tuareg desert guitar groups, reaching for deft repeated patterns. Around the opera format, Vialka still find ways to operate as an unusual sort of rock group.” Louis Pattison – The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music #363

From visual art to vocal soundscapes, from lo-fi looper performances to elaborate compositions and crafted sounds, it took a few steps for Amsterdam based French singer Emmanuelle to turn into Fusée Dorée. Mostly playing and composing on her own,she’s found her way to weave vocals and guitars around deep bass and triphop beats.While melodies unfold along with minimal arrangements, her lyrics in English and French follow a thin line between abstract and personal.The sounds of Portishead and Massive Attack have influenced her as much as PJ Harvey, Bjork and Kate Bush.(And Fugazi. But who would guess that?)

Jervaas is two musicians from Norway with backgrounds from different genres and projects, combining a variety of different instruments, samples, and recordings into an eclectic performance based on experimentation and playfulness. All audio is potential music, and we invite you to take part. Kjetil Jerve (keyboards++) and Bendik Baksaas (DJ++) are internationally active in both the improvised and club scenes. Their most recent productions include a new mixtape series called Radio Jervaas, and through Ndsm Treehouse they are currently doing a one-month artist residency in Amsterdam.