03-11 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Honest John/Ab Baars + Ex/Nazary/Stadhouders

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Honest John/Ab Baars + Ex/Nazary/Stadhouders

Thursday, November 3, 20:30, € 10 / students € 7


Honest John is a quintet comprised of some of Norway’s most active and colourful musicians the field of Jazz and improvisation. Saxophonist, clarinetist and shakuhachi player Ab Baars is a mainstay in a number of important groups from the Dutch improvisation scene such as the Instant Composers Pool, Corkestra and ensembles led by his partner, violist-composer Ig Henneman. The music of Ab Baars has been an ongoing source of inspiration for Honest John since their beginning in 2011. The possibilities for a collaboration has been talked about for quite some time, and finally the right opportunity has arrived.

Ab Baars clarinet and tenor saxophone | Kim Johannessen guitar and banjo | Ola Høyer bass | Erik Nylander drums, pandeiro, RolandTR77 | Klaus Ellerhusen Holm clarinet and alto saxophone

Two of Amsterdam’s most ferocious and fearless guitar players Terrie Ex and Jasper Stadhouders join for a one-time improvisation with New York Jason Nazary from free jazz/punk/soul band Little Women.

Terrie Ex guitar | Jason Nazary drums | Jasper Stadhouders guitar + bass