De Ruimte


Huiskamer, podium, café, restaurant, werkplekken & platenzaak op de bovenverdieping van de Verkeerstoren in Amsterdam Noord. Concerten, kunst en cultuur, lokale biertjes en goed eten in samenwerking met diverse partners en curatoren.
Geopend woensdag t/m zondag vanaf 12.00 uur

Living room, concert venue, café, restaurant, workspaces and record shop at the top floor of De Verkeerstoren in Amsterdam Noord. Concerts, arts, local beers and good food in cooperation with various partners and curators.
Open every Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00



Upcoming events:


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28-09 RUISBURO Kompjotr Eplektrika

RUISBURO: Kompjotr Eplektrika + Parking Lot

Wednesday, September 28, 20:30, Entrance €6

Experimental electronic music. Mats Björk (now based in Copenhagen) has been more or less active as KOMPJOTR EPLEKTRIKA since 1996,  and a drifting and elusive part of the Swedish underground scene, spanning from grind/noise outfit Hjärnsläpp, postrock pioneers Seamonster1, Dialog CET and log cabin, to kraut legends Audionom and psychfolk experts Majessic Dreams. All along randomly bashing out his own take on experimental freak techno on selfmade label Eplektrik Audio and others. A calm breeze have soothed our ears since the releases of the 2 albums (Redisetkompjotr Allesklaar Eplektrika, 2005, Oscillatone, and Darrk Circuits Fadead Waves 2007, Celebrity Lifestyle Recordings) but now his back with the fullblown EPLEKTRIK sound!

Hardcore punk. Debut show!

Parking Lot has been together since 2013 but have been too lazy to get their act together and play a show. Until now, that is. They play punk that is way past its expiration date, which fits these four old farts like a glove.


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29-09 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Drum Trio + Keno Harriehausen Duo

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Drum Trio + Keno Harriehausen Duo

Thursday, September 29, 20:30, Entrance €8 / CvA €5

Half of the Keno Harriehausen Quartet.

Harriehausen’s 20th-century harmony rich compositions are interpreted with a balance of structured and free improvisations. The highly collaborative quartet continually seeks to cross genre boundaries and challenge the conventional roles of instrumentalists through a refreshed avant-garde lens. Recently, they received first place honors in the International Zeeland Jazz Award 2013, Ujazz Award 2013 and Mechelen Jazzcontest 2014.

Tristan Frenfrow drums | Keno Harriehausen piano


Three young and beloved drummers from the Amsterdam improvised jazz scene join forces for a unique, one-time drummers trio improvisation.

Onno Govaert drums | Tristan Renfrow drums | Philipp Moser drums

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