De Ruimte


Huiskamer, podium, café, restaurant, werkplekken & platenzaak op de bovenverdieping van de Verkeerstoren in Amsterdam Noord. Concerten, kunst en cultuur, lokale biertjes en goed eten in samenwerking met diverse partners en curatoren.

Living room, concert venue, café, restaurant, workspaces and record shop at the top floor of De Verkeerstoren in Amsterdam Noord. Concerts, arts, local beers and good food in cooperation with various partners and curators.

Omdat er in september wordt geklust in het café zijn onze openingstijden onregelmatig. Van 11 tot 22 september is het restaurant dicht, maar zijn we wel geopend voor optredens. Daarna is alles weer zoals het hoort:

  • wo 17:00 – 01:00
  • do 17:00 – 01:00
  • vr 17:00 – 03:00
  • za 12:00 – 03:00
  • zo 12:00 – 01:00


Upcoming events:

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21-10 SITP PLUTONIAN NIGHTS: Reijseger / Fraanje / Sylla

SITP PLUTONIAN NIGHTS: Reijseger / Fraanje / Sylla
+ Obol Le + Harald Austbø

Saturday, October 21, music starts 21:00, € 10 / € 32,50 incl. three course dinner (dinner is from 18:00 to 21:00)

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SPACE IS THE PLACE opens this season with three mini festivals: PLUTONIAN NIGHTS. Nights in which we show the diverse range of exciting and fresh improvised music.

Timetable for this night (approximately):

18:00 Dinner
21:00 OBOL LE
22:15 Reijseger / Fraanje / Sylla
23:30 Harald Austbø
00:00 DJ Microwolf

The music of trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla is best described as the perfect amalgam of jazz, African songs and classical music. Cellist Ernst Reijseger, pianist Harmen Fraanje and Senegalese singer-percussionist Mola Sylla are able to create their own language on stage like no one else; and although it might not be directly understood, it can be felt very clearly. The trio, which has released two albums and made the music for several films by the famous German filmmaker Werner Herzog, makes fierce and beautiful music that is also melancholy and always heavily supported by the excellent voice of their African singer. The exuberant, improvised piano playing of Fraanje and the subtle melodies of Reijseger make for an eclectic, sometimes spiritual whole where nothing is what is seems.

Mola Sylla – Vocals, percussion | Harmen Fraanje – Piano | Ernst Reijseger – Cello

OBOL LE is the pop-electronic performance group of Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti with artists from Amsterdam and Chicago. They explore the musical meanings of old carpets from Bolivia, which are woven as graphic scores. This happens during the ceremony. Inspired by the cosmological vision of these rugs, the group is working on sound material presented in a visual concert setting.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – Performance, vocals, electronics | Frank Rosaly – drums, electronics | Jochem van Tol – modular synthesizer | Harpo ’t Hart – keys, algorithm/projection, synthesizer

Harald Austbø played classical cello from the age of 9 and started improvisation lessons with Ernst Reijseger at the age of 12. He divides his time between playing in the improvisation music scene (including his work for the band The Ambush Party) and working for several music theatre collectives, including Orkater and Susies Haarlok. In his solo performances, Austbø combines his cello with human beat box and other vocal sounds.

Plus an afterparty with DJ Microwolf!

PLUTONIAN NIGHTS is supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.


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22-10 NIEUWE NOTEN: Partch & Sounds of Music

NIEUWE NOTEN: Partch & Sounds of Music

Sunday, October 22, 15:00, € 10 / € 5


NIEUWE NOTEN is our concert series for contemporary chamber music. New compositions by contemporary composers by an eclectic combination of musicians.

Scordatura Ensemble present early chamber music pieces by the adventurous American composer Harry Partch, pioneer of new music. In the 30s, Partch invented his own tuning system in the Californian desert, based on the old Greek and the acoustic laws of nature. To be able to play it, he build an entire collection of instruments for himself, resulting in a unique world of sound. Scordatura will play their own replicas of Partch instruments, with exotic names like the Kithara, Diamond Marimba and Mazda Marimba. The Amsterdam Partch Project has asked eight composers to write their answer to the Li Po Songs, Partch’ key work, delicate and intimate songs on love and desire in which he developed his theories.

Elisabeth Smalt – Adapted Viola, Diamond Marimba | Alfrun Schmid – voice, Harmonic Canon/Zither | Reinier van Houdt – Chromelodeon/Keyboard | Chris Rainier – voice, Adapted Guitar I, II | Samuel Vriezen – Kithara I, Flexatone | Lucia Mense – flutes | Lucas van Helsdingen – reeds, Tin Oboe

Soundsofmusic brings adventurous contemporary music to Groningen. The festival presents a wide range of musical colours, chamber music, but also soundscapes and multimedia, minimal, installations and even a requiem for choir.

Nora Mulder – toy piano

Plus poetry by Joost Baars.

Entree € 10 / € 5
Passepartout € 45

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