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Huiskamer, podium, café, restaurant, werkplekken & platenzaak op de Distelweg in Amsterdam-Noord. Concerten, kunst en cultuur, lokale biertjes en goed eten in samenwerking met diverse partners en curatoren.


Living room, concert venue, café, restaurant, workspaces and record shop in Amsterdam-Noord. Concerts, arts, local beers and good food in cooperation with various partners and curators.


  • do 17:00 – 01:00
  • vr 17:00 – 03:00
  • zo 17:00 – 01:00


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16-2 Festa do Brasil

Festa do Brasil

Saturday, February 16, 20-3:00, entrance €5


Grilo Capoeira presents: Festa do Brasil.

A night filled with live music, dancing, and Brazilian food.

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15-2: Ruisburo: Calineczka + Distorted Nude

Ruisburo: Distorted Nude + Calineczka

Friday, February 15, concert starts at 21:00, entrance € 7*
*all proceeds go to the musicians.

Distorted Nude is the new project of Ghent-based Glenn Dick. His name is borrowed from David Lynch’s photo series by the same name in which a dark violent atmosphere plays a big role. Improvising on guitar and electronics dreamy silent passages are exchanged with harsh noise eruptions. Live, this is combined with visuals.

Glenn Dick has released music as Distorted Nude and Fine Hope In Darkness on Moving Furniture Records, and with his duo Klankdal (together with Sebastien Crusener) on Consouling Sounds and Wool-E Tapes / Discs.

Calineczka is Michał Jędrzej Stańczyk (born 1984 in Gdańsk, Poland). He has been exploring boundary cases of music with analog synthesizers since 2014, and has been active as drone/noise act Aleph from 2002 to 2007. Runs a cassette label, important drone records.

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15-2 Bernhard Hollinger + Lowkolos + dj_being

Bernhard Hollinger + Lowkolos + dj_being

Friday, February 15, 23:00, entrance € 5


Following Ruisburo: Distorted Nude + Calineczka, musician / composer / curator Bernhard Hollinger takes over De Ruimte for an avant garde party night.

The bass player and composer is constantly looking to expand his creative output. With the ‘octatrack’ he found a powerful addition in his attempt to break out of a traditionally trained mindset and bring together his musical background with technologically forward-thinking gear. At De Ruimte he will present a newly made set that combines his music with his homemade controller, with which he is creating his own light show.

A composer and sound designer, that is highly inspired by the ‘electro-acoustic’ genre. He attempts to break the mould of conventional approaches in composition. This results in unique stories, that are constructed by a fusion of sound-design and music. His recently released debut album “vis inertia” is just the beginning of this journey.

This audiovisual artist is showing carefully selected tracks that show his interest in a meditative atmosphere, that stimulate the inner self, perfect either for dancing or contemplating in a cozy corner.
After having played around the city at Mono Cafe, Butcher’s Tears and de Peper, he will finally show his secret tracks at De Ruimte.

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