De Grote Finale

Friday, May 25, 22:00-8:00, entrance € 12 (includes breakfast)

We’re moving De Ruimte to our garden house behind the building for the summer. Lots of sunshine awaits us, but not before we say goodbye to the old season with an all-night party in the café. Adedeji Adetayo came all the way from Lagos, Nigeria to open the night and we asked some of our favorite Amsterdam based musicians to keep you dancing until the morning. We’ll pick you up off the floor with a coffee and a croissant after sunrise.

Adedeji (Afrocentric jazz/funk/soul)
Acoustic Motor Combo (bluesy rock & roll by Thijs Elzinga and Fabio Galeazzi)
Garçon Taupe (acid / electro / house / ploptech)

DJ Hajar El Moutaouakilr (dance music from all over the world)
Suze G (kaseko / kaskawina / high life / bubu / hiphop / bigi poku / ga / house etc etc)
Amadeus Von Tutuianu [eclectisism]