26-10 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Morgan Freeman

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Morgan Freeman + The Black Napkins

Thursday, October 26, music starts 21:00

Version 2

Amsterdam-based band Morgan Freeman releases their debut album as they enter their 3rd year. Nostalgia for post-90’s indie-punk-rock, irreverence for genre-borders, and a free-jazz ethos collaborate to deliver an unabashed deconstruction of 8 transparent compositions on their debut album “Blessed Virgin Mary’s Face-To-Face Encounter with the Divine Bullshit” out now on TryTone. In 2017, Morgan Freeman continues to explore the crossing at which abstraction, sacred maximalism and major triads intersect. Morgan Freeman represents no more (or less) than the embodiment of the human condition in all of its glory, despair and contradiction.

Andrius Dereviancenko – saxophone | Dennis Sekretarev – trumpet | Jasper Stadhouders – guitar | Miguel Petruccelli – bassguitar | Tristan Renfrow – drums


Reunion of The Black Napkins. And it’s been quite a while (the group still hosts a Myspace page). Named after a Zappa song, the trio has an unusual line-up: trumpet, guitar, drums. Expect dynamic, intuitive music, freely improvised, sampled, and layered into something intense.

Sanne van Hek – laptop | Jasper Stadhouders – guitar | Gerri Jäger – drums + electronics | Sandor Caron – sound