30-03 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Giuseppe Doronzo solo + Obol Le

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Giuseppe Doronzo + Obol Le + Cantenac Dagar

Thursday, March 30, 20:30, entrance € 8 / students € 6*

* Money goes straight to the musicians!

***BRANDON LOPEZ had to cancel his tour***

The great baritone- and altsaxophone player Giuseppe Doronzo will play instead. He has a great solo performance, exploring a vocabulary that brings together contemporary classical music, jazz improvisation and non-western music traditions.

OBOL LE is the pop-electronic performance group of Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti with artists from Amsterdam and Chicago. They explore the musical meanings of old carpets from Bolivia, which are woven as graphic scores. This happens during the ceremony
Phujllay from Los Andes; in this ceremony seasons are considered as sound periods, and drones are learned from the Sirenes (mythical creatures that live between the upper world and the under world). Carpets are woven with the graphic translation of the drones and songs that are being played throughout four months continuously. Inspired by the cosmological vision of these rugs, the group is working on sound material presented in a visual concert setting.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti Performance, vocals, electronics | Frank Rosaly drums, electronics | Jochem van Tol modular synthesizer | Harpo ’t Hart keys, algorithm/projection, synthesizer

Ritual for a radical sensitivity. Hypnotic post-indus duo from France. Screeching banjo, rhythm from the mouth and cassettes.

Stéphane Barascud banjo | Aymeric Hainaux human beatbox + cassettes