6-9 Nieuwe Noten Oguz Buyukberber

Nieuwe Noten: Oguz Büyükberber & friends

Thursday, September 6, start concert 20:30, entrance: €6*

*all proceeds go to the performing musicians.

Amsterdam based Turkish bass clarinetist Oğuz Büyükberber invites four special musicians for an engaging musical dialogue, playing Büyükberber’s graphic scores. Together with Maarten Ornstein, Oene Van Geel, Anıl Eraslan and Onno Govaert, he will be forming duos, trios and a quintet.

Oğuz has settled in Amsterdam after his studies with Harry Sparnaay during the early 2000s and has been active all around Europe since. His musical output manifests in over 50 CD albums including a latest release on ECM.

Anıl Eraslan, originally from Turkey, who has lived, studied and worked in France for many years, is a fine cellist who has his foot in many different styles of music.

As an all around musician and the winner of the prestigious Boy Edgar Prize, Oene van Geel doesn’t need much of an introduction. Also being close friends, Oğuz and Oene have been collaborating in countless project over the last 15 years.

Maarten Ornstein is another well known Amsterdam based reed player who is active in collaborating with musicians with many different backgrounds while still being able to be himself.

And one of the young and talented drummers in demand, Doek artist Onno Govaert will be joining for a first time collaboration with Büyükberber.

Oguz Buyukberber – Clarinet and Bass Clarinet | Maarten Ornstein – Clarinet and Bass Clarinet | Oene Van Geel – Viola | Anil Eraslan – Cello | Onno Govaert – Drums and percussion