01-03 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Uldis Vitols Sextet

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Uldis Vitols Sextet + Bram Stadhouders solo

Thursday, March 1, music starts 21:00


Bram Stadhouders (1987) is a Dutch improviser and composer, best known as the guitarist that triggers the largest transportable fairground-organ in the world. The sound in his guitar improvisations can be sweet and abrasive at the same time, and so do classical figures and jazz themes mysteriously blend.

If sound is the interruption of silence, then order is merely the interruption of chaos. Commuting between these two parallels is the Uldis Vitols sextet. By his side are a chamber-esque group of cognitive improvisers. Double Bass, Drums & four horns is how it stands. Scribbles and sketches become organic and flowing pieces. From bulging and revolving swing figures to cascading open harmonies, the band echoes a Monk state of mind in which the moment exudes honesty.

Adrien Losco – tenor sax | Alistair Payne – trumpet | Camille Verhaak – clarinet | Linus Kleinlosen – alto sax | Uldis Vitols – double bass | Tancrede Dkummer – drums

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