06-04 The Birth of Poets // Dinner, stories and music

The Birth of Poets // Dinner, stories and music

Friday April 6, 19:30, € 20 dinner + storytelling


Enter the fiery imagination of the Celts in an evening of improvised storytelling and music, served up beside lip-smacking dinner.

We’re going to introduce you to the stories of Celtic poets – old world visionaries whose stories are as startling, romantic and tragic as any you’d find on a screen or in a book today.

Gijs Anders van Straalen and Simon Hodges have made a joint project of re-working music and words around ancient mythologies of the world. Known as the Fecund Wetan (Old English for ‘Fertile Knowing’), their love of stories is written in the size of characters, sway of the music and sense of community they enjoy with their audiences.

Added to that we’re going to serve you up a delicious dinner from the wood-fired ovens of De Ruimte. We’ll also have their considerable bar at our disposal through the night.

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