15-04 Night of Butoh


Sunday, April 15, 21:30, € 10


An evening devoted to the art of Butoh. Three Butoh dancers will show their work.

Kees de Haan (1990) is a poet, dancer and sculptor. He is the founder of The Army of the Insecure, which offers therapeutic sessions in the streets of Amsterdam. He draws inspiration from the practice of Butoh, whereby one is able to dance with his own difficulties, and enjoy them, even. In the Anemic Tiger Dances a Symphony, Kees de Haan shows his attachment to dreams and failure- an ode to trying.

Bushra Arbawi is a Moroccan born who lives in Amsterdam. Bushra discovered physical acting in 2009 and then Butoh in 2012. She Played with the ‘theatre kamer’ and with Helmert Woudenberg (Studio 5). In 2017 she participated in The Independent Amsterdam Butoh festival. In the summer of 2017 she made and produced ( with the HuisKamer/ Amsterdam) her first performance ” Weg met de Kruimeltjes”.

Ezio Tangini is born in Urbania (Urbino). Lives in Rome. Educated in Foreign Literatures at the University La Sapienza of Rome. Studies and practice of contemporary dance. Contemporary dance laboratory of Alessandra Sini. Discovers Butoh with Masaki Iwana. Masaki Iwana’s workshops in Normandy, Rome, Polverigi. Several workshops with other Buto dancers like Silvia Rampelli, Ko Murobushi, Akira Kasai, Mika Takeuchi, Yumiko Yoshioka. Co-founder of the dance company In Between Butoh.

www.inbetweenbutoh.com / eziotangini@gmail.com

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